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Recent Submissions

Best practice in entrepreneurship education [Article]
Determining shopping mall visitors’ perceptions on mall attributes [Article]
Discretionary disclosures: reactivity and proactivity in the chairpersons' statements of JSE-listed companies in South Africa [Article]
SMEs: do they follow a shotgun or rifle approach when it comes to target marketing? [Article]
The German corporate governance code and its adoption by listed SMEs - just another 'Procrustes bed'? [Article]
Роль Загальної декларації прав людини у проголошенні права на страйк [Theses]
Практика застосування покарань до цивільних чиновників російської імперії наприкінці ХVІІІ – у першій половині ХІХ ст. [Article]
The issues of the so-called «duality of private law» and functioning of Commercial codes [Theses]
Міжнародно-правове регулювання навігаційного використання міжнародних рік [Thesis]
Нове в діагностиці та лікуванні: поточний інформаційний список, I квартал 2017 р. [Lists]
Investigating the use of strategic management process in the mining industry [Article]
The relationship among change implementation, job satisfaction and organizational citizenship behavior in the Business Process Outsourcing industry in South Africa [Article]
International socially responsible funds: financial performance and managerial skills during crisis and non-crisis markets [Article]
Crowdsourcing strategy: how openness changes strategy work [Article]
The choice of public universities in a restructured and transforming Higher Education landscape: a student perspective [Article]
Conceptualizing innovation management development through organizational learning in the public service: any lessons for developing states? [Article]
Barriers to public supply chain management strategy implementation: an exploratory diagnosis [Article]
Tacit knowledge, organizational learning and innovation in organizations [Article]
A cross sectoral comparison of risk management practices in selected South African organizations [Article]
The importance of human resources management for small businesses in South Africa [Article]
Influence of integrated reporting ratings, CEO age, and years of experience on the share price of top 106 JSE listed companies [Article]
Control in the system of managerial decisions procedures: a conceptual view [Article]
Corporate social responsibility evaluation by different levels of management of Islamic banks and traditional banks: evidence from banking sector of Bangladesh [Article]
Social values as determinants of entrepreneurial intentions among university students in Cape Town – South Africa [Article]
Critical analysis of entrepreneurial spirit, attitudes and perceptions of young South Africans in KwaZulu-Natal province [Article]
Black economic empowerment in post-1994 South Africa: ANC curse and/or socialist/communist covenant? [Article]
Factors affecting youth entrepreneurship development in Kibera district, Kenya [Article]
Can economic growth be achieved in top management consulting using principles from the business federation? Findings from a Norwegian longitudinal study from 1984 until 1998 [Article]
Unplanned obsolescence: consumer's attitudes and perceptions of lifestyle brands in Durban, South Africa [Article]
Information and communication technology as a primary tool for Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University's statistics and operations research business [Article]
Business characteristics of small and medium enterprises in rural areas: a case study on southern region of KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa [Article]
Development of information systems and modeling of their implementation in the business [Article]
What to avoid when you are implementing a BSC? From success to failure [Article]
Entrepreneurial education in the school curriculum: in search of positioning in Zimbabwe [Article]
An investigation into the levels of job satisfaction and organizational commitment amongst South African police service employees [Article]
The application of Bhatt's knowledge management strategy in the organization of schools with the use of self-organized teams of teachers [Article]
Entrepreneurial orientation, control aversion and performance in SMEs: the contribution of equity investors [Article]
Defining success of African immigrant-owned small businesses in Cape Town, South Africa [Article]
Analysis of the Lithuanian renewable energy resources legal framework [Article]
Endogenous factors in Latvian regional development [Article]
Performance effects of intra- and inter-regional expansion: the moderating role of firm-specific advantages [Article]
Advanced spatial analytics and management: models, methods and applications [Article]
Рецензія на документальне видання з історії української еміграції в Болгарії Хакова Е., Москаленко В. "ПРОФ. Михайло Иванович Парашчук украински скулптор и виден обществен деец (1878 - 1963)" / Сборник документи, снимки и публикации. - София: Парадигма, 2016. - 843 с. [Review]
Развитие теории и практики экологического ущерба [Theses]
Політика розвитку “зелених” форм туристично-рекреаційної діяльності в Україні [Theses]
Стан енергоефективності в Україні та напрями її підвищення [Theses]
Плата за загрязнение окружающей среды в РФ как институциональная ловушка [Theses]
Резонанс [Newspaper]
Розвиток грошово-кредитної політики на основі формування транспарентного середовища її реалізації [Synopsis]
Методичні засади оцінювання і прогнозування кон'юнктури депозитного ринку України [Synopsis]