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2014 Effect of Bias Fields on off-Diagonal Magnetoimpedance (MI) Sensor Performance Yudanov, N.A.; Rudyonok, A.A.; Panina, L.V.; Kolesnikov, A.V.; Morchenko, A.T.; Kostishyn, V.G. Article 24988419 668
2013 Effective Impedance Method for In situ Ellipsometry Analysis of Magnetic Films Panina, L.V.; Morchenko, A.T.; Kozhitov, L.V.; Ryapolov, P.A. Article 38462 12217
2013 High Sensitivity Magnetic Sensors Based on Off-diagonal Magnetoimpedance in Amorphous FeCoSiB Wires Yudanov, N.A.; Panina, L.V.; Morchenko, A.T.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Ryapolov, P.A. Article 13868 8135
2013 Magneto-Ellipsometry Investigations of Multilayer Nanofilms of Fe and Co Morchenko, A.T.; Panina, L.V.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Yudanov, N.A.; Kurochka, S.P.; Sergienko, A.A.; Piliposyan, R.D.; Krupa, N.N. Article 47814 12533
2016 Modeling of Magnetic Field Influence on Electrophysical Effects in Magnetoimpedance Microwires Shakirzyanov, R.I.; Astakhov, V.A.; Morchenko, A.T.; Ryapolov, P.A. Article 164743 85292
2016 Modeling the Permittivity of Ferrite-Dielectric Composites Astakhov, V.A.; Shakirzyanov, R.I.; Morchenko, A.T.; Mingazheva, Z.V.; Kurochka, S.P. Article 167073 196166
2014 On Influence of Magnetic Fields and Excitation Conditions on the Magnetization Distribution in Microwire Magnetoimpedance Element Morchenko, A.T.; Panina, L.V.; Kostishyn, V.G. Article 25044595 1171831
2014 On Properties of Magneto-dielectric Composites in the Effective Medium Approximation Morchenko, A.T.; Panina, L.V.; Podgornaya, S.V.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Ryapolov, P.A. Article 54559770 1372