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2016 Combined reactive/non-reactive DC magnetron sputtering of high temperature composite AlN–TiB2–TiSi2 Pshyk, A.V.; Coy, L.E.; Yate, L.; Załęski, K.; Nowaczyk, G.; Jurga, J.; Pohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych Article 565711 358809
2013 Discrete Modified Nanostructural Wearproof Coatings TiN-Cu Belov, D.S.; Blinkov, I.V.; Volkhonskiy, A.O.; Michalski, J. Conference Papers 25855 2740
2013 Effect of Added Nitrogen on Properties of SiCN Films Prepared by PECVD Using Hexamethyldisilazane Porada, O.K.; Kozak, A.O.; Ivashchenko, L.A.; Ivashchenko, V.I.; Tomila, T.V. Conference Papers 39040 21895
2014 Effect of Substrate Temperature on the Properties of PECVD SiCN Films Porada, O.K.; Kozak, A.O.; Ivashchenko, V.I; Ivashchenkо, L.A.; Tomila, V. Article 6484385 120513
2016 High temperature behavior of functional TiAlBSiN nanocomposite coatings Pshyk, A.V.; Coy, L.E.; Nowaczyk, G.; Kempiński, M.; Peplińska, B.; Beresnev, M.V.; Pohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych; Jurga, S. Article 131268 101684
2012 Mechanical Properties of Nano- and Submicrocrystalline Iron Subjected to Severe Plastic Deformation by Friction Yurkova, A.I.; Byakova, A.V. Conference Papers 39883 2350
2013 Multilayer Nanostructured Wear-Resistant Coatings with Increased Thermal Stability, Adapted to Varying Friction Conditions Belov, D.S.; Volkhonsky, A.O.; Blinkov I.V., ; Skryleva, E.A.; Michalski, J. Conference Papers 31700 1063
2014 Structural and Mechanical Properties of Nanocomposite Nb-Al-N Films Ivashchenko, V.I; Skrynskyy, P.L.; Kozak, A.O; Pohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych; Timofeyeva, I.I.; Dub, S.N. Article 139907 7402
2014 Структурні, механічні і оптичні властивості плазмохімічних Si-C-N плівок Козак, А.О.; Іващенко, В.І.; Порада, О.К.; Іващенко, Л.А.; Томіла, Т.В. Article 14705 2388