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dc.contributor.authorПогребняк, Олександр Дмитрович-
dc.contributor.authorПогребняк, Александр Дмитриевич-
dc.contributor.authorPohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych-
dc.contributor.authorAzarenkov, N.A.-
dc.contributor.authorBeresnev, V.M-
dc.contributor.authorLitovchenko, S.V.-
dc.identifier.citationInfluence of deposition parameters on the structure and properties of nitride coatings [Текст] / A.D. Pogrebnjak, N.A. Azarenkov, V.M.Beresnev, S.V. Litovchenko // Manufacturing nanostructures. — 2014. — №11. — С. 293-320.ru_RU
dc.description.abstractHigh-entropy alloys (HEAs) – are multicomponent alloys containing five or more principal elements, mixed in equiatomic ratios [1]. The main difference between conventional multi-component alloys and HEAs is that HEAs don’t have a dominant principle element; and this concept is a breakthrough in the field of alloys development [2-10]. Phase composition investigations of high-entropy alloys evidence, that predominantly only one solid-solution phase with fcc and/or bcc lattice, or amorphous phase is formed in HEAs. Formation of the various phases is not observed. Such structural stability promotes improves the physical and mechanical characteristics of HEAs. Various nitrides ([11-19]) and carbides [20] based on high-entropy were investigated. High mechanical hardness and Young modulus, high durability and corrosion resistance, thermal stability make highentropy alloys one of the promising and interesting materials in science.ru_RU
dc.publisherOne Central Pressru_RU
dc.subjecthigh-entropy alloysru_RU
dc.subjectthermal stabilityru_RU
dc.titleInfluence of deposition parameters on the structure and properties of nitride coatingsru_RU
dc.title.alternativeOne Central Pressru_RU
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