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2020 Резонанс Newspaper 1739 1715
2020 The Law Aspects in Health Management: A Bibliometric Analysis of Issues on the Injury, Damage and Harm in Criminal Law Aliyeva, Z. Article 157 162
2020 Innovative Approaches in the Accounting and Audit of the Book Value of Assets: Bibliometric Analysis Ismayilov, N. Article 160 161
2020 Linking Authentic Leadership and Employee Creative Behavior: The Mediating Role of Autonomous Motivation and Job Complexity Fateh, Adnan; Mustamil, Norizah; Aslam, Muhammad Zia Article 406 407
2020 Innovations in Education Management: Impact of Emotional Intelligence and Demographic Variables on Occupational Stress among University Teachers Rehman, Anis Article 288 292
2020 Analysis of Factors Determining the Implementation of Talent Management Coculova, J.; Svetozarovova, N.; Bertova, D. Article 163 163
2020 Determinants to Provide the Efficiency of Integrated Development of the Light Industry Enterprises Reshetnikova, I.; Shvydanenko, H.; Boichenko, K. Article 111 110
2020 Effects of Brand Hate on Brand Equity: The Role of Corporate Social Irresponsibility and Similar Competitor Offer Husnain, Mudassir; Syed, Fauzia; Akhtar, Waheed; Usman, Muhammad Article 437 432
2020 Innovations in the Company’s Earning Management: The Case for the Czech Republic and Slovakia Kliestik, T.; Nica, E.; Suler, P.; Valaskova, K. Article 259 261
2020 Olympic Games as a Digital Media Product Yan, W. Article 174 175