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eSSUIR - Electronic Sumy State University Institutional Repository

ISSN 2310-8312

Welcome to the Electronic Archive of Sumy State University! Electronic Archive of Sumy State University includes publications of the scientific works of the Sumy State University faculty and staff members.

The articles from scientific journals, study aids, student publications (the supervisor's of studies review is required) are among them.

Amount of resources: 45248. Last update: 27.08.2016.

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For creation, filling and editing their own collections, please contact the administrator of the archive.

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Resources by types of documents

Article 10934 Book 473 Booklet 2 Brochure 24
Collection of assignments 80 Learning Object 395 Lists 341 Masters thesis 204
Monograph 118 Multimedia 14 Newspaper 71 Patent 376
Preprint 4 Presentation 83 Review 26 Schoolbook 486
Synopsis 468 Technical Report 331 Textbook 27 Theses 30334
Thesis 282 Сompetitive_scientific_work 143

Resources by category

Видання, заархівовані авторами 33994
Видання, зареєтровані у фондах бібліотеки 3132
Матеріали партнерів 168
Періодичні видання СумДУ 7920