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Issue YearTitleAuthor(s)TypeViewsDownloads
2017The surface morphology, structural properties and chemical composition of Cd1-xZnxTe polycrystalline thick films deposited by close spaced vacuum sublimationZnamenshchykov, Yaroslav Volodymyrovych; Kosiak, Volodymyr Volodymyrovych; Opanasiuk, Anatolii Serhiiovych; Ponomarov, А.А.; Romanenko, A.V.; Stanislavov, A.S.; Medvids, A.; Shpetnyi, Ihor Oleksandrovych; Gorobets, Yu.I.; Dauksta, E.Article4421
2017Вплив умов росту кристалів телуриду кадмію з надстехіометричним кадмієм на їх електрофізичні властивостіФочук, П.М.; Никонюк, Є.С.; Захарук, З.І.; Раренко, Г.І.; Opanasiuk, Anatolii Serhiiovych; Ковалець, М.О.Article2810
2017Problems of distance learning systems monitoring and evaluation of their efficiencyTolbatov, Volodymyr Aronovych; Viunenko, O.; Tolbatov, А.Theses185
2017Development and Research of Probabilistic Models of Quality Assessment of Management Information Systems OperationLitvinov, А.Theses227
2017Remote laboratory: using Internet-of-Things (IoT) for E-learningKalashnikov, A.; Zhang, H.; Jennings, J.; Abramriuk, M.Theses3412
2017Creating Highly Available Distributed File System for Maui Family Job SchedulersOnishchuk, А.Theses293
2017Comparison of the responsiveness of ultrasonic oscillating temperature sensors (UOTSes) and conventional sensors to temperature inflectionHashmi, А.; Kalashnikov, А.Theses203
2017The comprehensive research of students' preferences in the electronic educational environment of the high schoolLavrov, Yevhenii Anatoliiovych; Barchenko, N.; Kaba, E.Theses195
2017The task of schedule optimizing for partially ordered jobs on machines with different productivity in the presence of idle timeKeller, R.; Ilchuk, O.Theses247
2017Information Technology for 3D Relief Model Generation By Color Parameters of PixelBaranova, Iryna Volodymyrivna; Voitsekhovskyi, Y.Theses176
2017Enhancement of low quality degraded video using haar wavelet decomposition techniqueGupta, P.; Gadicha, V.B.Theses185
2017Gait recognition on base of representation in spatiotemporal areaBabii, Mykhailo SemenovychTheses2511
2017The methods and processes of creating virtual simulatorFedotova, Nataliia Anatoliivna; Krishtop, M.; Jabarin, T.; Shelikhov, M.Theses299
2017Use of sound for adaptive control of the materials cutting processNahornyi, Volodymyr Viacheslavovych; Polishchuk, R.V.; Zagovora, O.V.Theses194
2017Application for System Administrator of the Mobile GameParfenenko, Yuliia Viktorivna; Pysmennyi, Ye.Theses193
2017Recognition of fragments of standard images at low light level and the presence of additive impulsive noiseAvramenko, Viktor Vasylovych; Salnik, К.Theses223
2017Analysis of the data collection mobile user to create technology generations recommendation reportsSkrypnyk, А.; Khalus, H.Theses286
2017Computing Resources Scaling SurveyKulakov, Y.; Rader, R.Theses2526
2017Verification of Cryptosystems Sustainability as the Main Criterion for Development of Common Information Security PolicyBoiko, А.; Shendryk, V.; Cherednichenko, L.Theses235
2017About the Simplex Form of the Polyhedron of ArrangementsIemets, O.O.; Yemets`, O.O.; Polyakov, I.M.Theses335
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