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2019Spin-orbit Splitting of Valence Band in Silicon Whiskers under StrainDruzhinin, A.; Ostrovskii, I.; Khoverko, Yu.; Liakh-Kaguy, N.Article30
2019The Concentration Measurements of Tellurium Donor Impurity in Lamellar Bismuth Samples by the Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry MethodMatveev, D.Yu.; Starov, D.V.Article10
2019Interrelation between Pyroelectricity and Residual Polarization in Thin Films of a Ferroelectric Polymer with Nanoscale StructureFedosov, S.N.; Sergeeva, A.E.Article32
2019Lattice Mechanical Properties of Alkaline Earth Metals Calcium and StrontiumPatel, H.; Kumar, P.; Bhatt, N.K.; Vyas, P.R.; Gohel, V.B.Article10
2019Growth of the (Ga69.5La29.5Er)2S300 Single Crystal and Mechanism of Stokes EmissionHalyan, V.V.; Ivashchenko, I.A.; Kevshyn, A.H.; Olekseyuk, I.D.; Tishchenko, P.V.; Tretyak, A.P.Article143
2019Effect of Chemical Treatment of the Surface on Optical Properties of ZnSe<Al> SubstratesMakhniy, V.P.; Berezovskiy, M.M.; Kinzerska, O.V.; Senko, I.M.Article72
2019Application of Cross-correlation Analysis Method for Measurement of the Fluid Flow Rate Based on X-ray RadiationBorodulya, N.A.; Rezaev, R.O.; Chistyakov, S.G.; Smirnova, E.I.; Gogolev, A.S.; Filatov, N.A.Article913
2019Спектральні і фотометричні методи контролю параметрів світлодіодних джерел випромінюванняКолесник, А.І.; Усіченко, Д.О.; Назаренко, Л.А.Article81
2019Electrical Сharacterization of Ge-FinFET Transistor Based on Nanoscale Channel DimensionsMahmood, Ahmed; Jabbar, Waheb A.; Hashim, Yasir; Manap, Hadi BinArticle158
2019Synthesis of Zn1–xCdxS nanocrystals by electrolytic methodDanilevska, N.B.; Moroz, M.V.; Lysytsya, A.V.; Nechyporuk, B.D.; Prokhorenko, M.V.; Tataryn, B.A.; Tesfaye, FisehaArticle102
2019Shape Dependent Optical Properties of GaAs Quantum Dot: A Simulation StudyKadam, K.D.; Patil, S.L.; Patil, H.S.; Waifalkar, Р.Р.; More, K.V.; Kamat, R.K.; Dongale, T.D.Article114
2019DC-Magnetron Sputtered Mo Back Contact for Chalcopyrite Thin Film Solar CellsHaribhau, Borate; Subhash, Pandarkar; Ravindra, Waykar; Ashok, Jadhawar; Bharat, Gabhale; Rahul, Aher; Ajinkya, Bhorde; Shruthi, Nair; Priti, Vairale; Sandesh, JadkarArticle103
2019Effect of Electron Transporting Layer on Power Conversion Efficiency of Perovskite-Based Solar Cell: Comparative StudyHima, A.; Lakhdar, N.; Saadoune, A.Article4828
2019Вплив магнітного поля та нецентральної домішки на енергетичний спектр електрона в сферичній багатошаровій наносистеміГоловацький, В.; Яхневич, М.; Чубрей, М.Article1111
2019Comparative Ab initio Calculations for ABO3 Perovskite (001), (011) and (111) as well as YAlО 3 (001) Surfaces and F CentersEglitis, R.I.; Popov, A.I.Article177
2019Magnetic Quantum Effects in Electronic Semiconductors at Microwave-radiation AbsorptionGulyamov, G.; Erkaboev, U.I.; Gulyamov, A.G.Article77
2019Distribution of the Ferroelectric Polarization in Polyvinylidene Fluoride During Initial Poling and Polarization ReversalFedosov, S.N.; Sergeeva, A.E.Article105
2019InGaAs-based Graded Gap Active Elements with Static Cathode Domain for Terahertz RangeBotsula, O.V.; Prykhodko, K.H.; Zozulia, V.A.Article52
2019Shear Acoustic Phonons in Multilayer Arsenide Semiconductor NanostructuresBoyko, I.V.; Petryk, M.R.Article73
2019Crystalline Volume Fraction Effect on the Electronic Properties of Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Silicon мc-Si:H Investigated by Ellipsometry and AMPS-1D SimulationBenhabara, H.; Sib, J.D.; Bouhekka, A.; Chahi, M.; Benlakhel, D.; Kebbab, A.; Bouizem, Y.; Chahed, L.Article76