Журнал інженерних наук : [138]

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2018Profile gear grinding temperature reduction and equalizationLishchenko, N.V.; Larshin, V.P.Article5112
2018Stress-strain state of the lower traverse of the hydraulic pressNemchynov, S.I.; Nachovnyi, I.I.Article303
2018UWB microstrip line feeding planar modified circular antennaPillalamarri, L.Article2216
2018Analysis of the application of the galvanic circuits in schemes of the catodic protection for underground papelinesAzyukovsky, A.A.; Didevich, E.A.Article246
2018Influence of the wall thickness value on the cross wall thickness deviation of tubes rolled on the tube rolling plant with the continuous millPilipenko, S.V.; Drozhzha, P.V.; Limonchenko, E.A.Article358
2018Как оценить качество работы предприятияКовалев, А.И.Article306
2018Climate change modeling in the context of urban decarbonization strategyKofanova, O.Article299
2018Intensification of Foam Layered Apparatus by Foam StabilizationLiaposhchenko, Oleksandr Oleksandrovych; Khukhryanskiy, O.; Moiseev, V.; Ochowiak, M.; Manoilo, Е.Article53
2018Analysis of the Theories for Assessment of the Quality Management Product EfficiencyZaloha, Viliam Oleksandrovych; Yashyna, Tetiana Viktorivna; Dynnyk, Oksana DmytrivnaArticle31
2018Mathematical Modeling of Gas-Cleaning Equipment with a Highly Developed Phase Contact SurfacePliatsuk, Leonid Dmytrovych; Ablieieva, Iryna Yuriivna; Vaskin, Roman Anatoliiovych; Hurets, Larysa Leonidivna; Yeskendirov, М.Article43
2018Analysis of Technogenic Load of Oil and Gas Production on Caspian RegionPliatsuk, Leonid Dmytrovych; Ablieieva, Iryna Yuriivna; Gabassova, S.M.; Mamutova, A.Article61
2018Investigation of Non-linear Reactions in Rotors’ Bearing Supports of Turbo-pump Units for Liquid Rocket EnginesPavlenko, Ivan Volodymyrovych; Symonovskyi, Vitalii Iovych; Demianenko, Maryna Mykolaivna; Pitel’, J.; Verbovyi, A.Ye.Article1212
2018Numerical Simulation of the Evaporative Air Cooler with a Capillary-Porous StructureArseniev, Viacheslav Mykhailovych; Shulumei, A.V.Article42
2018Systematic Presentation of Ritz Variational Method for the Flexural Analysis of Simply Supported Rectangular Kirchhoff–Love PlatesIke, C.C.Article21
2018Application of Rough TOPSIS Technique for the Analysis of Engineering System Failure CausesEmovon, I.; Nwaoha, T.C.Article55
2018Big Data Approach Application for Steel Pipelines in the Conditions of Corrosion FatigueSkrynkovskyy, R.M.; Yuzevych, L.V.; Ogirko, O.I.; Pawlowski, G.Article810
2018Characterization and Degradation of Viton Fuel Hose Exposed to Blended Diesel and Waste Cooking Oil BiodieselSamuel, O.D.; Emovon, I.; Idubor, F.I.; Adekomaya, O.Article62
2018Features of Geochemical Migration of Chemical Elements after Technogenic Loading of Pyrogenic NatureButs, Yu.V.Article33
2018Design and Analysis of Connecting Tie Rod Assembly for Automotive ApplicationAravindaraj, E.; Natrayan, L.; Santhosh, M.S.; Kumar, M.S.Article116
2018Recovery of Pyrolytic Oil from Thermal Pyrolysis of Medical WasteSom, U.; Rahman, F.; Hossain, S.Article73