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2015Jobless society – phenomenon of global economyBilobrova, T.O.; Tul, S.I.Article5949
2015Environmental-economic conflict: conceptual complexity and management issuesPetrushenko, Mykola Mykolaiovych; Voroshylo, Liudmyla SerhiivnaArticle3556
2015Formation components of socio-economic potential of the regionStoyanets, N.V.Article2638
2015Creating long-term relations in travel agencies within partnership marketingSowier-Kasprzyk, I.Article3158
2015Cost management of small hydro objectsShashkov, S.V.Article3144
2015Innovative-marketing directions of recreational-tourism industry in UkraineShevchenko, Hanna Mykolaivna; Ivanova, T.E.Article3551
2015Legal regulating problems in the lease contractual relationsSargsyan, S.Article2427
2015Theoretical aspects of enterprise financial stability managementKovalova, T.V.Article3554
2015Organizational and economical maintenance of eco-economical potential of oil and gas enterprises’ managementVytvytskyi, Ya.S.; Havadzyn, N.O.; Kernychna, A.Ie.Article3950
2015Measurement of the effectiveness of non-profit organizationsGudz, P.V.Article4950
2015Logistics diagram projecting in inter-modular transportation of St. Brest (Belarusian Railways) – St. Lianyungang (Chinese railways)Kuanyshbaev, Z.М.; Ossik, Yu.I.; Nestay, Y.Article4636
2015The modelling of education services and labour markets from marketing positionSavchenko, S.O.Article3419
2015Career age peaksPolozov, A.A.; Karminsky, A.M.; Alexeenko, N.Article2527
2015Historical aspects and causes of the synergy beginning as a scienceYakimtsov, V.V.Article3319
2015Theoretical and practical aspects of managerial reportingBryk, G.V.Article2613
2015Genesis of enterprise financial securityDavydenko, N.M.Article2335
2015The problem of economic stability and the independence of Latin America in the context of the increase of military equipmentKorchun, V.S.; Bokalo, D.R.Article2527
2015The competitive strategies of the automobile construction enterprises: european experience and ukrainian realitiesOkhrimenko, O.O.Article6556
2015Using of project approach to organization of regional educational management in the conditions of educational system development at Ivano-Frankivsk areaZelinska, H.O.Article4017
2015The development of methodological approach to management of capital adequacy of insurance company through reinsuranceOpeshko, N.S.Article6244
Results 1-20 of 64.