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2016Factors that affect the evaluation of the effectiveness of corporate management innovation in an industrial plantKlus, Y.I.Article7018
2016Prospects for compilation integrated reporting credit unionsGritsenko, O.I.Article5018
2016Strategic management by balanced development: meaningYevtushenko, N.O.Article6318
2016Selection of intellectual capital management strategyShcherbachenko, Viktoriia OleksiivnaArticle5221
2016Code of ethics as a tool for resolving conflict in the organizationProkopenko, Olha Volodymyrivna; Zieba, K.; Olma, S.Article6844
2016Problems of software financial resources agrarian sector in the current economic conditions of managementGrischuk, N.V.Article186
2016The problems of accountable and analytical procuring of enterprise managementKovalova, T.V.Article5525
2016The connection of strategic and operation activity in achieving of enterprise's effectivenessPolyanska, A.S.; Kushlyk, O.Yu.Article4333
2016Scientific and methodic approaches to reveal stability essence at the industrial enterprises and its functional componentsLiulov, Oleksii ValentynovychArticle238
2016Technological and regulatory aspects of quality management during the life cycle of investment and construction projectsKropyvko, S.MArticle2613
2016Application of the lean concept as a prerequisite for a tourist business developmentMadgerova, R.H.; Kyurova, V.V.; Atanasova, A.V.Article2716
2016Management of financial sources for innovative development: foreign countries experienceDyba, O.M.; Gernego, Iu.O.; Golub, S.M.Article3517
2016Trade networks evolution under the conditions of stock market globalizationKopylova, O.V.Article2712
2016International aspect of ecological innovationsShkola, Viktoriia Yuriivna; Omelianenko, Vitalii Anatoliiovych; Skoryk, V.VArticle4411
2016Innovative development and factors affecting the innovative activity of industrial enterprises in BulgariaSotirova, A.O.Article215
2016Improving e-government as one of the preconditions for economic developmentSkyba, M.V.Article2717
2016Territorial and industry analysis of the fulfillment of Zaporizhian regional projectsGudz, P.V.Article1913
2016Theoretical component of national financial, economic and cooperative education in Western Ukraine (second half of XIX-XX centuries) and its role in economic management of the regionHolubka, M.M.Article3310
2016The role and importance of the enterprise`s borrowed capitalDombrovska, S.O.; Shostak, I.I.Article1716
2016Introduction of elements of accounting systems of foreign countries in accounting practice in UkraineShmatkovska, T.O.Article3238
Results 1-20 of 51.