SocioEconomic Challenges (SEC) : [81]

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2018Defending and Modelling Europe: The Visegrad Group ExperienceTrifu, A.Article1816
2018Factors Persuading Female Participation towards Entrepreneurial Activities and Its Impact on Employment CreationHasan, Md.M.Article51
2018Assessing the Impact on Social Sector: A Macroeconomic ApproachBagmet, K.V.; Haponova, O.Article51
2018Impact of Tourism of Off Road Driving on Vegetation Biomass, a Case Study of Masai Mara National Reserve, Narok, KenyaBhandari, M.P.Article51
2018Moderating Influence Of Organizational Reward System On Employee’s PerformanceAkpoviroro, K.S.; Akanmu, P.M.; Olalekan, A.; Alhaji, S.A.Article42
2018Tourism In Developing Countries. The Path Towards Sustainable Development And Its Interaction With The Local Communities, The Environment And The Human FactorKaraoulanis, A.; Vasiliki, A.Article61
2018Vulnerable Employment is a Socio-Economic Challenge in Indian PerspectiveGupta, A.A.; Guha, M.Article41
2018Salespeople Stress and How Should They Cope With It To Avoid the BurnoutSrivastava, R.Article66
2018Impact Of It Factors In Nepali Small Family Business TurnoverKandel, B.K.; Acharya, J.Article61
2018The Effect of Electronic Word-Of-Mouth (EWOM) On Brand Im-age and Purchase Intention: A Conceptual PaperAl Halbusi, H.; Tehseen, S.Article73
2018Human Development and Economic Growth in PakistanIqbal, K.Article55
2018Movie Induced Tourism and Its Effects on Settlements, a Literature StudyAgnes, U.T.; Adam, H.; Balazs, G.; Zoltan, S.Article83
2018Role Of Radio Stations In Creating Awareness On Proper Solid Waste Management Practice In Yobe State, NigeriaBappayo, A.; Maidunoma, Z.Article71
2018Revolutionary Tourism. New Opportunity For ArmeniaTovmasyan, G.Article63
2018Entrepreneurial Orientation and Knowledge Creation and Their Impact on Company PerformanceVidic, F.Article75
2018Employees’ Self-Cultural Integration Through Cultural Intelligence: A Case of Finnish FirmShafi, S.Article61
2018Brazil And Argentina: Hegemonic Crises, Wasted Decade And Challenges Of Latin American Post-Neoliberalism In The Capitalism Of KnowledgeLopez, J.B.L.; Ramírez, C.M.SArticle64
2018The Effect Of Ict Application On The Tourism And Hospitality Industries In LondonKhan, M.Y.H.; Hossain, A.Article34
2018The Role Of Regional Planning In Achieving Economic Development And Social Justice In SudanAbdalla, M.Article81
2018Evaluation of Applications of Sustainable Agricultural Development in IraqAliyas, I.; Ismail, E.; Alhadeedy, M.Article114