Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks (FMIR) : [40]

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2018Optimization of Bank Expenses on Marketing CommunicationsBarhaq, Abdul Rahman; Radchenko, O.Article92
2017Assessment of demand, supply and equilibrium price on the deposit market of UkraineЛєонов, Сергій Вячеславович; Леонов, Сергей Вячеславович; Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych; Діденко, Ірина Вікторівна; Диденко, Ирина Викторовна; Didenko, Iryna ViktorivnaArticle3612
2017The financial instruments market – an institutional approachDovhan, Z.; Kravchuk, I.; Karas, P.Article151
2017The optimization of banking regulation intensity from the perspective of financial stability in banking sector: an empirical analysisDidenko, O.; Dordevic, SlavoljubArticle147
2017Trust in the banking sector: EU experience and evidence from UkraineСавченко, Тарас Григорович; Савченко, Тарас Григорьевич; Savchenko, Taras Hryhorovych; Kovacs, L.Article152
2017Comparative analysis of IFRS and US GAAPSanko, H.; Колдовський, Артем Володимирович; Колдовский, Артем Владимирович; Koldovskyi, Artem VolodymyrovychArticle37125
2017Features of Foreign Investors Evaluating the Level of Competition in the Banking MarketGrebeniuk, N.; Jinan, Mehdi MohammedArticle192
2017Alternative Finance Business-Models: Online PlatformsRubanov, Pavlo Mykolaiovych; Marcantonio, AlfredoArticle155
2017Views on Value of GoldHarshad, DaveArticle131
2017Evaluation Quality of Consumer Protection by Financial Markets ServicesPoliakh, S.; Nuriddin, A.Article221
2017Credit Information Sharing and Its Link to Financial Inclusion and Financial IntermediationMorscher, C.; Horsch, A.; Stephan, J.Article454
2017The Relationship Between the Tax Burden and Financing Public Services: A Comparison of Ukraine and European CountriesСамусевич, Ярина Валентинівна; Самусевич, Ярина Валентиновна; Samusevych, Yaryna Valentynivna; Shamaelh, A.Article2414
2017Demand Forecast, Supply and Equilibrium Price on the Deposit Market: Methodology and Experience of UkraineДіденко, Ірина Вікторівна; Диденко, Ирина Викторовна; Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Hiba, Fouad HammadiArticle3619
2017Influence of State Banks on Economic Growth: A Cross-Country AnalysisOnyshchenko, V.; Brian, Xing ChenArticle182
2017Formation of complex model of analytical support of deposit bank managementД`яконова, Ірина Іванівна; Дьяконова, Ирина Ивановна; Diakonova, Iryna Ivanivna; Guley, A.; Шелюк, Асіят Ашурбєківна; Шелюк, Асият Ашурбековна; Sheliuk, Asiiat AshurbiekivnaArticle401
2017Can banking innovations lead to new financial crisis: case of Central and Eastern EuropeDovha, N.; Boychenko, V.Article435
2017Operational activity of the central bankLanovyi, V.Article436
2017Openness of the insurance market for foreign entities: methodology and experience of UkraineVieriezubova, T.; Levchenko, V.Article362
2017Regulation of the state debt stabilityАнтонов, Максим Сергійович; Антонов, Максим Сергеевич; Antonov, Maksym Serhiiovych; Lopa, L.Article325
2017Does the growth of state bank capital stimulate the development of the financial sector and the economy? A look through the prism of the global financial crisis of 2008-2009Atef, F.M.; Onyshchenko, V.Article405