Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks (FMIR) : [68]

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2018Optimization of Bank Expenses on Marketing CommunicationsBarhaq, Abdul Rahman; Radchenko, O.Article214
2018An Evaluation of Financial Management System in Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation an Autonomous Institution, Thiruvananthapuram, KeralaNisa, S.; Kavya, M.S.Article116
2018Mathematical literacy and Nigerian Stock Exchange: an exposition of financial information for Blue-chip stocks’ business decision analysisBello, H.S.; Dunari, M.H.Article101
2018Public Spending and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: a SynthesisKouassi, K.B.Article1928
2018Preliminary contemplation on Exchange ValueDave, H.Article95
2018Artificial Intelligence: Financial Trading and Neurology of DecisionNjegovanovic, A.Article194
2018Risk Management and Behavioral FinancePrince, E.T.Article4644
2018Factors Influencing on the Debt Consistency in UkraineAntonov, Maksym SerhiiovychArticle128
2018Evaluating of the financial equalization system in UkraineBozena, S.; Vynnychenko, Nataliia VolodymyrivnaArticle88
2018The Role of Tax Regulation in Counter-Cyclical Regulation of Banking in UkraineMohamadi, A.B.; Glants, V.Article115
2018Econometric analysis of long and short-run effects of exports on economic growth in CameroonHarold, N.Y.Article2013
2018Compliance with Labour Law in the Fish Farming Industry in Bangladesh: an Empirical AnalysisFerdous, S.R.; Bhattacharjee, N.D.Article913
2018Financial Crises and Nexus Between Economic Growth and Foreign Direct InvestmentBhowmik, D.Article108
2018Cross Country Tax Competition and its Impact on Multinational Corporations – a Theoretical Re-examinationMukherjee, S.Article128
2018Structural-functional analysis of the Ukraine banking systemZarutska, E.Article1212
2018Helping State Agent to understand the Private SectorMoskovicz, A.(Abi)Article83
2018Model of Stress-testing of Banks’ Liquidity Risk in UkraineKryklii, Olena Anatoliivna; Luchko, I.Article138
2018Causes, Features and Consequences of Financial Crises: a retrospective cross-country analysisSubeh, M.A.; Boychenko, V.Article157
2018Reputation risk in banking: application for UkraineBuriak, Anna Volodymyrivna; Artemenko, Oleksandr SerhiiovychArticle106
2018The Algerian bank between eco-regulations and development of customer loyaltyBachir, B.; Khadidja, Z.Article830