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dc.contributor.authorШкольник, Інна Олександрівна-
dc.contributor.authorШкольник, Инна Александровна-
dc.contributor.authorShkolnyk, Inna Oleksandrivna-
dc.contributor.authorБондаренко, Євгенія Костянтинівна-
dc.contributor.authorБондаренко, Евгения Константиновна-
dc.contributor.authorBondarenko, Yevheniia Kostiantynivna-
dc.contributor.authorBalev, V.Ye.-
dc.identifier.citationShkolnyk, I. Estimation of the capacity of the Ukrainian stock market’s risk insurance sector / I. Shkolnyk, E. Bondarenko, V. Balev // Insurance Markets and Companies (open-access). - 2017. - Vol. 8, Issue 1. - P. 34-47. - doi:http://10.21511/ins.08(1).2017.04ru_RU
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of the article is to determine the degree of financial interaction between the stock and insurance market, or, in other words, to determine the potential capacity of the stock market’s risk insurance sector for the Ukrainian insurance market. The authors examine the insurance not of all possible risks on the stock market, but only the most potentially important for the development of the stock market at this stage of economic development: insurance of professional risks of depositories and insurance of individual investments of individuals – participants of the stock market. In order to calculate the capacity of the stock market’s risk insurance sector in the context of the two above mentioned types, the authors apply the models that are widely used in the economic-mathematical analysis. For mathematical calculations we used 31 absolute indicators of the characteristics of the state of the stock and insurance markets, as well as some macroeconomic indicators. When forming an array of input data for mathematical calculations we used annual values of absolute indicators for the period 2005–-2015 were used. For the adequacy of the received calculations the normalization of the selected indicators was carried out. All indicators were divided into two groups: stimulators and de-stimulators. The normalization of stimulator indicators was carried out by the method of natural normalization, and of de-stimulator indicators – according to the Savage formula. The capacity of the segment of the new type of insurance was determined by the authors as the maximum possible amount of insurance premiums that insurers can get in the process of implementing a new insurance product based on the current state of development of the insurance market. The capacity of the sector of the new type of insurance was presented as a function of the main component (an indicator that directly characterizes the created segment) and the corrective component (a set of indicators characterizing the segments created indirectly). The weight coefficients of the corrective component were determined by using the Fischer’s formula. As a result of the calculations, the authors obtained the data on the prospects of simultaneous introduction for the stock and insurance markets of such types of insurance as a professional liability insurance of depositories and an insurance of individual investors on the stock market.ru_RU
dc.publisherLLC “Consulting Publishing Company “Business Perspective"ru_RU
dc.subjectstock marketru_RU
dc.subjectinsurance marketru_RU
dc.subjectindividual investorsru_RU
dc.subjectdepository institutionsru_RU
dc.subjectmarket capacityru_RU
dc.subjectфондовий ринок-
dc.subjectстраховий ринок-
dc.subjectіндивідуальні вкладники-
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dc.titleEstimation of the capacity of the Ukrainian stock market’s risk insurance sectorru_RU
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