Маркетинг і менеджмент інновацій : [1033]

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2019Management and Diversity Management in SMEs in The Czech RepublicSafrankova, J.M.; Sikyr, M.Article10
2019Innovation as a Mediating of Relationship Between Internal and External Environment in Agribusiness PerformanceAyodele, Ogundare Jeremiah; Innocent, Idachaba Odekina; Garba, Sule JaafaruArticle10
2019Marketing Instrument of Improving Hotel Management Service: Evidence of Visegrad Group CountriesBacik, R.; Kmeco, L.; Richard, F.; Olearova, M.; Rigelsky, M.Article10
2019Innovation, Education, Research Components of the Evaluation of Information Economy Development (as Exemplified by Eastern Partnership Countries)Shkarlet, S.; Kholiavko, N.; Dubyna, M.; Zhuk, O.Article10
2019Environmental Management Efficiency of GCC Countries: Linking Between Composite Index of Environmental Performance, Socio-Political and Economic DimensionsDkhili, Hichem; Dhiab, Lasaad BenArticle10
2019The Formation and Development of Tourist Clusters: Case of Poland and ArmeniaSahakyan, M.; Suvaryan, A.; Borkowska-Niszczota, M.; Szymanska, E.Article20
2019Branding Initiatives in Higher Educational Institutions: Current Issues and Research AgendaAlam, Muhammad Intisar; Faruq, Mohammad Omar; Alam, Mohammad Zahedul; Gani, Mohammad OsmanArticle31
2019Brand loyalty of Higher Education InstitutionsAbbas, Syed AliArticle20
2019An Empirical Test of Herzberg's Two-Factor Motivation TheoryOzsoy, EmrahArticle20
2019System Modeling of Development of Innovative Project-Oriented EnterprisesYevdokymova, Alona Viktorivna; Rach, V.; Rossoshanska, O.; Medvedieva, O.Article31
2019Exploring the Requirements of Tourism Labour Market in ArmeniaTovmasyan, G.Article20
2019Intangible Assets as an Accounting and Management ObjectZadorozhny, Z.-M.; Yasyshena, V.Article20
2019Management of Innovations in Hungarian HEIs: Enhancing the Erasmus Mobility ProgrammeBartha, Z.; Gubik, A.S.; Rethi, G.Article10
2019Soft Skills in Knowledge-Based EconomicsPereira, Orlando; Raposo, Maria JoaoArticle10
2019Innovations in Green Logistics in Smart Cities: USA and EU ExperiencePaskannaya, T.; Shaban, G.Article10
2019A General Overview to Leadership Theories from a Critical PerspectiveUslu, OsmanArticle10
2019Female Entrepreneurship in Egypt: New Theoretical and Public Policy ImplicationsMahrous, Abeer A.Article10
2019Innovation in Service Quality Measurement: a Case of Nigerian Healthcare SectorChinedum, Nduka; Chinwuba, Moguluwa Shedrack; Rejoice, Okocha EbereArticle10
2019Assessment of the Value Loss Risk in Response to the Enterprise’s Innovative TransformationsHrytsenko, Larysa Leonidivna; Boiarko, I.; Ryabenkov, O.; Didenko, O.Article10
2019Evolution of Customer Segmentation in the Era of Big DataVerdenhofs, A.; Tambovceva, T.Article10