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Issue YearTitleAuthor(s)TypeViewsDownloads
2014Methodic foundations of the ecologically oriented consumer’s readiness analysisIlliashenko, Serhii MykolaiovychArticle15639
2016International aspect of ecological innovationsShkola, Viktoriia Yuriivna; Omelianenko, Vitalii Anatoliiovych; Skoryk, V.VArticle4311
2016Improving e-government as one of the preconditions for economic developmentSkyba, M.V.Article2617
2017Reconsideration of the international management in terms of modern tendenciesZharova, L.V.Article3816
2016Theoretical justification of indicators system to estimate the regional stability level considering its development peculiaritiesGranovska, L.M.; Nyzheholenko, K.S.Article1720
2016Efficiency of management of sustainable development – challenges, problems, barriersZięba, K.; Olma, S.Article3827
2016Methodology of analysis sustainable development of Ukraine by using the theory fuzzy logicKaraieva, N.V.; Bereznytska, M.V.Article2827
2015Modern perspectives of development of «green» economyChernykhivska, A.V.Article5036
2015Industrial systems ecologization as an urgent need and necessity of modern developmentTarayevska, L.S.; Chychul, C.-M. M.Article4468
2016The public finance management in the context of sustainable developmentTropina, V.B.Article2035
2016Effectiveness of actions associated with the environmental protection and the sustainable developmentZieba, K.; Martyniak, K.; Rusin-Balicka, S.; Balicki, B.; Marcin, A.Article234
2013Public consumption in the context of sustainable development: requirement for modernizationAntonuk, V.Р.; Kuznetsova, D.V.Article12080
Results 1-12 of 12.
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