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Issue YearTitleAuthor(s)TypeViewsDownloads
2017Reconsideration of the international management in terms of modern tendenciesZharova, L.V.Article4416
2016Efficiency of management of sustainable development – challenges, problems, barriersZięba, K.; Olma, S.Article4028
2016Theoretical justification of indicators system to estimate the regional stability level considering its development peculiaritiesGranovska, L.M.; Nyzheholenko, K.S.Article1820
2016Methodology of analysis sustainable development of Ukraine by using the theory fuzzy logicKaraieva, N.V.; Bereznytska, M.V.Article2927
2016The public finance management in the context of sustainable developmentTropina, V.B.Article2136
2016International aspect of ecological innovationsShkola, Viktoriia Yuriivna; Omelianenko, Vitalii Anatoliiovych; Skoryk, V.VArticle4411
2016Improving e-government as one of the preconditions for economic developmentSkyba, M.V.Article2923
2016Effectiveness of actions associated with the environmental protection and the sustainable developmentZieba, K.; Martyniak, K.; Rusin-Balicka, S.; Balicki, B.; Marcin, A.Article234
2015Modern perspectives of development of «green» economyChernykhivska, A.V.Article5037
2015Industrial systems ecologization as an urgent need and necessity of modern developmentTarayevska, L.S.; Chychul, C.-M. M.Article4468
2014Methodic foundations of the ecologically oriented consumer’s readiness analysisIlliashenko, Serhii MykolaiovychArticle15739
2013Public consumption in the context of sustainable development: requirement for modernizationAntonuk, V.Р.; Kuznetsova, D.V.Article12081