Economic Processes Management (Управління економічними процесами) : [163]

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2017Theoretical and practical aspects of accounting agricultural landBryk, G.V.; Cic'ka, N.E.; Poverlyak, T.I.Article533
2017Vision for professional standards and required competence of the commercial managerBorisova, L.G.Article589
2016Factors that affect the evaluation of the effectiveness of corporate management innovation in an industrial plantKlus, Y.I.Article7118
2016Prospects for compilation integrated reporting credit unionsGritsenko, O.I.Article5118
2016Strategic management by balanced development: meaningYevtushenko, N.O.Article6718
2016The problems of accountable and analytical procuring of enterprise managementKovalova, T.V.Article5525
2016The connection of strategic and operation activity in achieving of enterprise's effectivenessPolyanska, A.S.; Kushlyk, O.Yu.Article4337
2016Selection of intellectual capital management strategyShcherbachenko, Viktoriia OleksiivnaArticle5322
2016Innovative prospects evaluation as a tool of managerial efficiency increase for complicated technical systems creationVorotnikov, V.A.Article64
2016Market conditions of higher education services in Ukraine in the field of study “Management”Zakharova, O.V.Article1511
2016Regional innovative and investment processes analysis and their impact on food-industry wine-producing enterprises development in Odessa regionBondarenko, S.А.; Nizyayeva, V.R.Article2818
2016Efficiency of management of sustainable development – challenges, problems, barriersZięba, K.; Olma, S.Article4028
2016Introduction of elements of accounting systems of foreign countries in accounting practice in UkraineShmatkovska, T.O.Article3238
2016Between health and workPrendecki, K.; Sommer, H.Article1922
2016Development of modern space forms within the economic activity in Carpathian region in terms of Europe integration processes extensionTsenkler, N.I.Article199
2016Diversity management as the key factor of success of further education colleges – case studySapiński, A.Article5718
2016Theoretical justification of indicators system to estimate the regional stability level considering its development peculiaritiesGranovska, L.M.; Nyzheholenko, K.S.Article1820
2016Regional politics of energy savings and instruments of its realizationSimkiv, L.Y.Article2412
2016Methodology of analysis sustainable development of Ukraine by using the theory fuzzy logicKaraieva, N.V.; Bereznytska, M.V.Article2927
2016Review of marketing approaches to increase of sales effectiveness in the context of behavioral economicsMakhnusha, S.M.Article3421