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Title: General Pharmacology
Authors: Висоцький, Ігор Юрійович
Высоцкий, Игорь Юрьевич
Vysotskyi, Ihor Yuriiovych
Храмова, Раїса Андріївна
Храмова, Раиса Андреевна
Khramova, Raisa Andriivna
Качанова, Алла Анатоліївна
Качанова, Алла Анатольевна
Kachanova, Alla Anatoliivna
Keywords: фармакологія
Issue Year: 2017
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Vysotsky, I.Yu. General Pharmacology [Текст]: Course of Lectures on Pharmacology for the students of speciality 7.110101 "Medical care" of the full-time study / I.Yu. Vysotsky, R.A. Khramova, A.A. Kachanova. - Sumy: Sumy State University, 2017. - 42 p.
Abstract: Pharmacology is the science about interaction between drugs and human organism. Pharmacology is divided into general and special pharmacology. General pharmacology studies the general laws of drug interaction with human organism. Special pharmacology studies the pharmacological groups of drugs and individual drugs. Both general and special pharmacology are divided into pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Pharmacokinetics is the section of pharmacology which studies the influence of human body upon drugs (absorption, distribution, deposition, biotransformation, and excretion from the body). Pharmacodynamics is the section of pharmacology which studies the action of drugs upon the human organism (biological effects, localization, and mechanism of action).
Type: Learning Object
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