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Title: The mineral fertilizer granules encapsulating in a multistage shelf apparatus
Authors: Острога, Руслан Олексійович
Острога, Руслан Алексеевич
Ostroha, Ruslan Oleksiiovych
Shevets, S.P.
Keywords: granules encapsulating
інкапсулювання гранул
инкапсулирование гранул
mineral fertilizer
минеральні добрива
минеральные удобрения
environmental friendly technologies
екологічно чисті технології
Issue Year: 2016
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Ostroga, R.O., Shevets, S.P. The mineral fertilizer granules encapsulating in a multistage shelf apparatus [Текст] / R.O. Ostroga, S.P. Shevets // Хімічна технологія: наука, економіка та виробництво : матеріали ІІІ Міжнародної науково-практичної конференції, м. Шостка, 23-25 листопада 2016 року. - Суми : СумДУ, 2016. - С. 76.
Abstract: Currently the production and rational use of fertilizers is extremely important for agriculture, and before science there is a task to develop environmental friendly technologies of manufacturing and use of fertilizers. Nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium nitrate, urea) and phosphorus ones (superphosphate, ammophos) dominate in the range of mineral fertilizers used in all edaphic-climatic zones all over the world. They are transformed in the system soil - plant and provide the needs of growing plants in nutrient components. But along with the well-known advantages these fertilizers have significant drawbacks. They are highly soluble and they are quickly washed out from the arable layer, which leads to surface and groundwater contamination. Also, due to inefficient plant nutrition at different stages of growth, nitrite and nitrate accumulate in the main agricultural products.
Type: Theses
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