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Title: Studying the impacts of event tourism on the host communities in Bulgaria
Authors: Toneva, P.I.
Keywords: подієвий туризм
событийный туризм
event tourism
вплив подієвого туризму
последствия событийного туризма
impacts of event tourism
destination Bulgaria
Issue Year: 2017
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Toneva, P.I. Studying the impacts of event tourism on the host communities in Bulgaria [Електронний ресурс] / P.I. Toneva // Управління економічними процесами. - 2017. - №1(14). -
Abstract: The research interest is directed towards assessing the impacts of event tourism in Bulgaria as a popular and dynamic element of the tourism supply and demand, which is has a potential for combinations, development and creation. The article outlines the main theoretical and methodological principles of assessing the impacts of event tourism. Based on the existing achievements in the specialized literature, the study offers a model for assessing these effects. The developed instrument is applied empirically and the collected data is analysed. The impacts of the contemporary event tourism on destination Bulgaria are assessed at the aggregate level.
Type: Article
Appears in Collections:Economic Processes Management (Управління економічними процесами)

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