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Title: Vision for professional standards and required competence of the commercial manager
Authors: Borisova, L.G.
Keywords: фінансова перспектива
финансовая перспектива
financial perspective
відносини з клієнтами
отношения с клиентами
customer relations
внутрішні бізнес-процеси
внутренние бизнес-процессы
internal business processes
навчання і розвиток
тренировка и развитие
training and development
Issue Year: 2017
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Borisova, L.G. Vision for professional standards and required competence of the commercial manager / L.G. Borisova // Управління економічними процесами. - 2017. - №1(14). -
Abstract: The process of implementation of a Balanced ScoreCard (BSC) System for the development of an organization clarifies the strategic goals and defines the most important mechanisms for their achievement. Implementation starts with the training and attraction of executive personnel. Reaching a consensus on the development and implementation of such a system results in better understanding how the mission, vision, and strategy of the organization may be implemented into a system of efficient objectives and indices. The development and implementation of a BSC enables the organization to outline its future and plan the steps to achieve it.
Type: Article
Appears in Collections:Economic Processes Management (Управління економічними процесами)

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