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Title: Tax policy instruments in the system of regulation of business
Authors: Peresadko, Halyna Oleksandrivna
Peresadko, Galyna Olexandrivna
Bektaş, Çetin
Keywords: підприємницька діяльність
предпринимательская деятельность
податкова політика
налоговая политика
tax policy
Issue Year: 2012
Publisher: Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine
Citation: Peresadko, G. Tax policy instruments in the system of regulation of business [Текст] / Peresadko G., Bektaş Ç. // Міжнародна банківська конкуренція : теорія і практика : збірник тез доповідей VII Міжнародної науково-практичної конференції (24-25 травня 2012 року) / ред. А.О. Єпіфанов. – Суми : УАБС НБУ, 2012. - С. 44-46.
Abstract: The development of tax policy has always been treated to the most important categories in the economic life of our country. This is the stay of our economy in recovery mode after the global financial crisis, when it is necessary to correct an economic and management processes of financial capacity, based on taxes. Today in Ukraine there are a number of misunderstandings between the state and individuals and entities on the new rules of taxation. Because the data generated by misunderstanding each other rallies of entrepreneurs who they want to defend their position. Therefore, we can literally talk about the relevance of the topic for Ukraine. The study of this paper supports the analysis of tax policy, determines its weaknesses and finding ways to improve.
Type: Theses
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