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Title: Chromium (VI) ions extraction from water
Authors: Tolstopalova, N.M.
Obushenko, T.I.
Kostoglod, O.B.
Keywords: chromium (VI)
waste water
хром (VI)
сточные воды
стічні води
Issue Year: 2017
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Tolstopalova, N.M. Chromium (VI) ions extraction from water [Текст] / N.M. Tolstopalova, T.I. Obushenko, O.B. Kostoglod // Освіта, наука та виробництво: розвиток і перспективи: матеріали ІІ Всеукраїнської науково-методичної конференції, м. Шостка, 20 квітня 2017 р. - Суми: СумДУ, 2017. - С. 27.
Abstract: The aim of this work was to research hexavalent chromium solvent sublation. This method was founded on combination of flotation and extraction methods which is based on transmission of gas bubbles through the aqueous phase and passing pollutant substances (sublate) into organic phase. Organic phase must be lighter then water and must not dissolve in it. Solvent sublation has such advantages as possibility of multiple pollutant ions concentration in small volumes of organic solvent; possibility of valuable components regeneration; much smaller amount of organic solvent is used (compered to extraction method); process is not limited by the distribution constant; absence of foam (compared to flotation); less wet sludge [1].
Type: Theses
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