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Title: The personality of Oscar Wilde in his novel "The picture of Dorian Grey" in the light of queer theory
Authors: Kalma, M.M.
Dubrova, O.V.
Keywords: Oscar Wilde
novel "The picture of Dorian Grey"
English literature
Оскар Уайльд
роман "Портрет Доріана Грея"
англійська література
роман "Портрет Дориана Грея"
английская литература
Issue Year: 2017
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Kalma, M.M. The personality of Oscar Wilde in his novel "The picture of Dorian Grey" in the light of queer theory [Текст] / M.M. Kalma, O.V. Dubrova // Освіта, наука та виробництво: розвиток і перспективи: матеріали ІІ Всеукраїнської науково-методичної конференції, м. Шостка, 20 квітня 2017 р. - Суми: СумДУ, 2017. - С. 41-42.
Abstract: Today Ukrainian and foreign scientists are paying special attention to queer theory researches as a new stage in the development of neoclassical philosophy of the second part of the 20th century. Thus, the actuality of the research is in the necessity of studying and concretization of conceptual apparatus of queer theory as a new stage in modern literature. The research aim is to analyze the novel ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey’ by Oscar Wilde in the light of queer theory. Scientists around the world are interested in this theme because it is very popular and important in the light of last events in the world – equal rights of men and women, same sex marriage, openness in relations, demonstration of such kind of relations without fear of being condemned or punished etc. Thus, the methodological basis of the research is rather wide. Among the Ukraininan scientists the following should be called: D. Vershinina, A. Hizulina, O. Zherebkina, A. Kurovicka, N. Libakova, O. Obukhova, L. Pahulich, M. Stetyuha, V. Sukovata etc. There is also a wide range of foreign scientists such as B. Adam, L, Berlant, J. Butler, V. Depant, L. Fiol-Matta, E. Grosz, S. Jackson, A. Jagose, J. Kennard, A. Rich, T. Spargo, M. Umphrey, M. Warner etc.
Type: Theses
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