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Title: The Imortance of E-commerce
Authors: Skrynnik, S.V.
Keywords: electronic commerce
електронна комерція
электронная коммерция
geographical location
географічне положення
географическое положение
Issue Year: 2018
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Skrynnik, S.V. The Imortance of E-commerce [Текст] / S.V. Skrynnik; language advisor D. Medvedovska // Перший крок у науку: матеріали ІX студентської конференції, м. Суми, 25 лютого 2018 р. / відп. за вип. С.М. Солодовніков. – Суми: СумДУ, 2018. – С. 265.
Abstract: E-commerce is popular nowadays. Every year the number of consumers increases at times. This rise, in its turn, increases the company's revenue associated with this type of business activity. Electronic commerce refers to entrepreneurial activities. Among such activities are also the sale and purchase of goods and services. These sales are carried out via the electronic Internet and electronic network. The subject of e-commerce can be any product, service and real estate or banking product. Electronic commerce continues to distribute and offer an ever wider range of products very actively.
Type: Theses
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