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Title: Міжнародні фінансові відносини як основа міжнародних фінансів
Authors: Myrhorod-Karpova, Valeriia Valeriivna
Keywords: міжнародні фінансові відносини
международные финансовые отношения
international financial relations
міжнародні фінанси
международные финансы
international finance
Issue Year: 2018
Publisher: Класичний приватний університет
Citation: Миргород-Карпова, В.В. Міжнародні фінансові відносини як основа міжнародних фінансів [Текст] / В.В. Миргород-Карпова // Право та державне управління. - 2018. - № 1(30). - С. 29-33.
Abstract: Стаття присвячена актуальному питанню теоретико-правового аналізу міжнародних фінансових відносин. Проаналізовано сутність цієї категорії з огляду на загальну характеристику правовідносин. Критично досліджене нормативно-правове регулювання у цій сфері.
Brief content of the article: In this article, the author draws attention to the fact that since the middle of the XX century, the interstate currency, credit and financial relations, which are a form of economic, scientific, technical and general cultural cooperation with its own specificity, have significantly expanded. All this makes it possible to combine these relations into one group of international financial relations and to determine the specifics of international legal regulation. The globalization processes of the beginning of the XXI century became the main factor in the development and modification of international financial relations, as the basic ground of modern globalization is financial ground. Thus, the theoretical analysis of this category is of great importance. However, taking into account the fact that the basis for any financial activity is, above all, an effective and stable legislative framework and a clear theoretical reflection of concepts, the author believes that this problem is wrongly left unattended by legal scholars. The article analyzes the processes, which scientists associate with the emergence and development of international financial relations. At the same time, during the study of the essence of this category, a reference to the development of the theory of law and the structure of legal relations took place, as this type of relationship serves the legal relationship. Taking into account the absence of the definition of international financial relations as a legal category, the author proposed his own vision of it. Herewith it is determined that the international financial relations are a system of relations that are an integral part of the financial system of the state between the subjects of the international economy regarding the accumulation, distribution and redistribution of financial resources and international financial flows. The article focuses on the study of the current Ukrainian legislation in the field of international finance and international financial relations with the analysis of regulatory and legal acts in this area.
Type: Article
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