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Title: Lectures on the course of Ukrainian studies
Authors: Lobko, Nataliia Viktorivna
Keywords: the history of the Ukrainian people
Ukrainian culture
ethnographic groups of Ukrainians
історія українського народу
українська культура
етнографічні групи українців
история украинского народа
украинская культура
этнографические группы украинском
Issue Year: 2019
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Lobko, N.V. Lectures on the course of Ukrainian studies [Текст]: Lecture notes for students of specialties "International Economics" and "Business Analytics" for all courses / N.V. Lobko. - Sumy: Sumy State University, 2019. - 114 p.
Abstract: Ukrainian Studies is an academic discipline in the course of humanitarian education of students to provide their understanding of the historical development of the territory in which they live. Ukrainian Studies is an interdisciplinary field of research dedicated to Ukrainian language, literature, history and culture in a broad sense. The role of the subject can be considered in terms of understanding mentality and culture of Slavs and Ukrainians as well as broadening cross-cultural cooperation. Sources of Ukrainian Studies are such sources as manuscripts, books, archaeological findings and other artefacts available for researchers found both in Ukraine and other countries.
Type: Learning Object
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