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2018Legal prerequisites of the management of natural resources of the Moon and other celestial bodiesNyka, M.Article115
2018Risk and cost of sovereign debt in the member states of the European Union as a factor of their economy developmentPulay, G.Z.Article62
2018Випереджальний аналіз факторів ризику розвитку промислових підприємствШандова, Н.В.Article610
2018Management and motivation of human resources in case of a Slovak multinational corporationMachova, R.; Kosar, S.T.; Hevesi, A.Article2143
2018Work safety management - social and educational contextPiatek, T.Article53
2018Public-private partnership as the innovative instrument of effective management of Belarusian agro-industrial complexTsetsiatynets, T.; Chizh, D.Article94
2018Strategic Human Resource Practices and its Impact on Performance towards Achieving Organizational GoalsKhan, Y.Article1813
2018Management of renewable energy innovative development in Ukrainian households: problems of financial supportSotnyk, I.; Shvets, I.; Momotiuk, L.; Chortok, Y.Article106
2018The effect of job characteristics on employee loyalty: the mediation role of vertical trust and perceived supervisor supportLewicka, D.; Glinska-Newes, A.; Morrow, D.L.; Gorka, J.Article3555
2018Gender-Oriented Budgeting as a Democratic Practice during a Self-Government Reform: Ukrainian ExperienceAghasiev, I.; Pavlikha, N.; Riabushenko, N.Article62
2017Economic risks management in projects of development and environmental & economic securityBaldzhy, M.D.Article4034
2017Improving of intellectual property marketing management in the agrarian sphere of regionМakhnusha, S.M.Article6818
2017Managing of transaction costs of agricultural enterprises in the context of raising the level of economic security of the companyOdnoshevnaya, O.A.Article7016
2017Specifics of price marketing controlling and pricing of products with small and medium-sized family enterprisesŘíhová, L.; Havlíček, K.Article1013
2017The necessity of socio-ecological modification of two-tier economic model of secondary resources management in UkraineHrytsenko, Larysa Leonidivna; Petrushenko, Mykola Mykolaiovych; Daher, K.Article2934
2017Impact of Intangible Factors on Business ValueKrasiuk, I.; Demidova, Ye.Article5842
2017Соціальний потенціал організації: сутність та управління інструментами SMM-маркетингуАртюхіна, М.В.; Попова, Г.В.Article42100
2017The economic optimization of investment into the territorial development of recreationHrytsenko, Larysa Leonidivna; Shevchenko, Hanna Mykolaivna; Daher, K.Article5728
2017Theoretical and methodical principles of managing enterprise sustainable developmentKasych, A.; Vochozka, M.Article2317
2017Моделювання процесів стимулювання екологічної модернізації в системі національної економікиShkarupa, Olena Vasylivna; Лях, О.В.Article198