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2016 A New Nonrelativistic Investigation for Spectra of Heavy Quarkonia with Modified Cornell Potential: Noncommutative Three Dimensional Space and Phase Space Solutions Abdelmadjid, Maireche; Djenaoui, Imane Article 365579 366833
2019 A Nonrelativistic Subatomic Model to Describe a Behavior of 2D Anharmonic Sextic Potential for Atomic Nucleus in the Symmetries of Extended Quantum Mechanics Abdelmadjid, Maireche Article 1637 368
2018 Extended of the Schrödinger Equation with New Coulomb Potentials plus Linear and Harmonic Radial Terms in the Symmetries of Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics Abdelmadjid, Maireche Article 1229 2596
2017 New Higher Excited Energy Levels of Rydberg States for Weakest Bound Potential Model Theory: Extended Quantum Mechanics Abdelmadjid, Maireche Article 6048 289
2017 New Nonrelativistic Quarkonium Masses in the Two-Dimensional Space-Phase using Bopp’s shift Method and Standard Perturbation Theory Abdelmadjid, Maireche Article 7763 8004
2018 New Nonrelativistic Three-Dimensional Spectroscopic Studies of NMGECSC Potential in Presence of External Electric Abdelmadjid, Maireche Article 3074 1650
2019 Nonrelativistic Bound State Solutions of the Modified 2D-Killingbeck Potential Involving 2D-Killingbeck Potential and Some Central Terms for Hydrogenic Atoms and Quarkonium System Abdelmadjid, Maireche Article 2587 68
2019 Solutions of Two-dimensional Schrodinger Equation in Symmetries of Extended Quantum Mechanics for the Modified Pseudoharmonic Potential: an Application to Some Diatomic Molecules Abdelmadjid, Maireche Article 3718 93