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2023 Addressing Neurosurgery Research and Data Access Gaps in War-Inflicted Nations Adebusoye, F.T.; Awuah, W.A.; Swaminathan, N.; Ghosh, S.; Wellington, J.; Abdul-Rahman, T.; Ovechkin, Denys Viacheslavovych; Lychko, Volodymyr Stanislavovych Article 40590 33884
2023 A case of hidden myocardial infarction by atrial fibrillation against the background of diabetes mellitus and arterial hyper- tension Smiian, Oleksandr Ivanovych; Romaniuk, Sofiia Anatoliivna; Prystupa, Liudmyla Nykodymivna; Romaniuk, Oksana Kostiantynivna; Avuax, E.V.; Abdul-Rahman, T.; Boyagina, O.D.; Kuzenko, Yevhen Viktorovych; Denisenko, B.S.; Romaniuk, Anatolii Mykolaiovych Article 171 171
2022 Concern over Nipah virus cases amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in India Aborode, A.T.; Wireko, A.A.; Mehta, A.; Abdul-Rahman, T.; Nansubuga, E.P.; Kundu, M.; Pustake, M.; Mehmood, Q.; Tillewein, H. Conference Papers 4816618 13242941
2022 Development of zinc deficiency in children with a course of community-acquired pneumonia Abdul-Rahman, T.; Wireko, A.A.; Horbas, Viktoriia Anatoliivna Conference Papers 64 65
2023 From adversity to advancement: leveraging war-tested approaches for the post-conflict reformation of the Ukrainian healthcare landscape Adebusoye, F.T.; Tan, J.K.; Awuah, W.A.; Bharadwaj, H.R.; Naeem, W.; Ferreira, T.; Roy, S.; Abdul-Rahman, T.; Lychko, Volodymyr Stanislavovych Article 219 299
2023 Inaccessibility and low maintenance of medical data archive in low-middle income countries: Mystery behind public health statistics and measures Abdul-Rahman, T.; Ghosh, S.; Lukman, L.; Bamigbade, G.B.; Oladipo, O.V; Amarachi, O.R.; Olanrewaju, O.F.; Toluwalashe, S.; Awuah, W.A.; Aborode, A.T.; Lizano-Jubert, I.; Audah, K.A.; Teslyk, Tetiana Petrivna Article 106 180
2019 Peculiarities of morphometric changes in rat’s lungs within age dimensions Abdul-Rahman, T.; Dummasiya, M.M. Conference Papers 32 18
2020 Prostatic сalculi сauses reduction of heat shock proteins expression in prostate cancer Abdul-Rahman, T.; Piddubnyi, Artem Mykhailovych; Sikora, Vladyslav Volodymyrovych; Moskalenko, Roman Andriiovych Conference Papers 301167 343032
2023 Ultrastructural changes in type 2 alveolocytes in young rats on the background of chronic hyperglycemia Abdul-Rahman, T.; Awuah Wireko, A.; Teslyk, Tetiana Petrivna; Dmytruk, Serhii Mykolaiovych; Shkolna, Iryna Ivanivna Article 284 477