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2016 Deposition of Alumina-titania Nanostructured Coating by a New Multi-chamber Gas-dynamic Accelerator Kovaleva, M.G.; Prozorova, M.S.; Arseenko, M.Yu.; Yapryntsev, M.N.; Mamunin, K.N; Sirota, V.V.; Altukhov, A.Yu.; Ageev, E.V. Article 1701234469 -442535159
2015 Dimensional Effects in Micro- and Nanostructural Changes in Grain and Intragrained Structure of Steel 45 at Static-pulse Treatment Kirichek, A.V.; Kuzmenko, A.P.; Soloviev, D.L.; Barinov, S.V.; Altukhov, A.Yu.; Silantiev, S.A.; Grechukhin, A.N.; Myo Min, Than; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article 7539809 3273986
2015 Electroerosive Powder Obtained from Alloy VK8 Waste into Butanol Ageev, E.V.; Altukhov, A.Yu.; Khardikov, S.V.; Gulidin, S.S.; Novikov, A.N. Article 5764425 1638995
2016 Investigation of the Phase Composition of Samples Sintered from Tungsten-containing Composite Micro - and Nanopowders Ageev, E.V.; Altukhov, A.Yu.; Khardikov, S.V. Article 211779110 603055749
2014 Production of Quasicomposite Surface Layer of a Metal Material by Shock Wave Strain Hardening Kirichek, A.V.; Soloviev, D.L.; Altukhov, A.Yu. Article 564919743 -108039611
2014 Revisiting the Provision of Nanoscale Precision of Cutting on the Basis of Dynamic Characteristics Modeling of Processing Equipment Ivakhnenko, A.G.; Ivakhnenko, E.O.; Altukhov, A.Yu.; Kuts, V.V. Article -386889958 -1827990484
2015 Theoretical Studies of Laws Nanostructuring and Heterogeneous Hardening of Steel Samples by Wave Intensive Plastic Deformation Kirichek, A.V.; Altukhov, A.Yu.; Solovyov, D.L.; Silantiev, S.A. Article 4486861 5479345
2015 Wear-resistant Coatings From Electroerosive Micro- and Nanofraction Powders Ageeva, E.V.; Kuznetsova, L.P.; Ageev, E.V.; Altukhov, A.Yu.; Vinokurov, O.V.; Sirota, V.V. Article 122595826 94690928
2016 X-ray Diffraction Analysis of the Chromium-containing Electroerosion Powders of Micro - and Nanoparticles Ageev, E.V.; Altukhov, A.Yu.; Serebrovskii, V.V.; Khardikov, S.V.; Scherbakov, A.V.; Novikov, A.N. Article 300134685 840469061
2016 X-ray Microanalysis of Sintered Nanocomposite Materials from Tungsten-containing Powders Ageev, E.V.; Altukhov, A.Yu.; Loktionova, O.G.; Novikov, E.P.; Vorobyev, E.A. Article 840076438 -1882927498