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2015 Activated Carbon Material Made From Apricot Stones as Highly Pseudocapacitive Electrode Material for Hybrid Supercapacitor Bakhmatyuk, B.P.; Dupliak, I.Ya.; Budzulyak, I.M.; Rachiy, B.I. Conference Papers 44573 1068
2021 Comparative Analysis of the Electrical Properties of Nanocrystalline NiMoO4 Hydrate and α-NiMoO4 Obtained by Hydrothermal Method Popovych, O.M.; Budzulyak, I.M.; Popovych, O.V.; Kotsyubynsky, V.O.; Yablon, L.S. Article 3176 942
2021 Electrochemical Properties of Hybrid Supercapacitors Formed Based on Nanoporous Carbon and Nickel Tungstate Starchuk, Yu.Yu.; Rachiy, B.I.; Budzulyak, I.M.; Kolkovskyi, P.I.; Ivanichok, N.Ya.; Halushchak, M.O. Article 5842 7407
2017 Electrochemical Properties of the Nanoporous Carbon/Aprotic Electrolyte System Ostafiychuk, B.K.; Budzulyak, I.M.; Rachiy, B.I.; Lisovsky, R.P.; Mandzyuk, V.I.; Kolkovsky, P.I.; Merena, R.I.; Berkeshchuk, M.V.; Golovko, L.V. Article 23536 14057
2013 Influence of Doping of Titanium Dioxide by Zirconium and Niobium on its Morphology Humeniuk, L.M.; Budzulyak, I.M.; Ilnytskyy, R.V. Article 39736 5309
2018 Molybdenum Disulfide Obtained by Template Method as an Electrode Material in Electric Energy Storage Devices Grygorchak, I.I.; Budzulyak, I.M.; Popovych, D.I.; Yablon, L.S.; Morushko, O.V.; Boychuk, V.M. Article 1497 48
2019 Optical Properties of ZnSe Quantum Dots in Carbon Matrices Bardashevska, S.D.; Budzulyak, I.M.; Budzulyak, S.I.; Rachiy, B.I.; Yablon, L.S.; Morushko, O.V. Article 1262 104
2018 The Influence of Laser Irradiation and Ultrasound on the Structure, Surface Condition and Electrical Properties of TiS[2]/C Composites Budzulyak, I.M.; Yablon, L.S.; Ilnytskyi, R.V.; Morushko, O.V.; Hemiy, O.M. Article 4292 284