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2012 Bone mechanical properties with chitosan-hydroxyapatite composite implants: a rat model Pohorielov, Maksym Volodymyrovych; Sikora, Vitalii Zinoviiovych; Kalinkevich, O.V.; Danilchenko, S.N.; Deyneka, V.N. Conference Papers 29086139 21650726
2021 Calibration of X-ray Diffraction Measurements for Depth-selective Structural Analysis of Two-layer Samples Danilchenko, S.N.; Kochenko, O.V.; Kalinkevich, A.N.; Stepanenko, Andrii Oleksandrovych; Zinchenko, Ye.I.; Danylchenko, P.S.; Protsenko, Ivan Yukhymovych Article 960027710 1198481696
2014 Formation of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite in presence of some aminoacids Kalinkevich, O.V.; Danilchenko, S.N.; Kalinkevich, A.N.; Kuznetsov, V.N.; Lü, J.J.; Shang, J.; Yang, S.R. Article 26872084 27916829
2015 Method for determining the homogenity of aortic wall calcifications Forkert, I.A.; Romanenko, P.V.; Husak, Yevheniia Volodymyrivna; Yarmolenkо, Olha Serhiivna; Danilchenko, S.N. Conference Papers 48059032 39520333
2013 Nanoscale Apatite Biomaterials for Osteointegration Kalinichenko, T.G.; Danilchenko, S.N. Conference Papers 18715543 19543446
2013 Structural Properties of the Nanocrystallized Magnetite of Different Syntheses Kuznetsov, V.N.; Stanislavov, A.S.; Danilchenko, S.N.; Kalinkevich, O.V.; Kalinkevich, A.N.; Sukhodub, Leonid Fedorovych Conference Papers 118366761 88389290
2013 The Study of the Influence of Static Magnetic Field on Brushite Crystallization in the Presence of Magnesium Kuznetsov, V.N.; Yanovska, A.A.; Stanislavov, A.S.; Danilchenko, S.N.; Sukhodub, Leonid Fedorovych Conference Papers 22316013 17252004
2019 The Study of Thermally Stimulated Hydrogen Evolution from Steels by Thermal Desorption Mass Spectrometry Technique Danilchenko, S.N.; Chіvanov, V.D.; Stepanenko, Andrii Oleksandrovych; Kalinkevich, A.N.; Kochenko, A.V.; Danylchenko, P.S.; Kuznetsov, V.N. Article 148490246 6219757