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2020 About wear resistance of linear block-polyurethanes Anisimov, V.M.; Anisimov, V.V.; Panda, A.; Pandova, I.; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych Article -2136236598 323004338
2017 Adaptive multicomponent nanocomposite coatings in surface engineering Pohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych; Bahdasarian, Artem Anatoliiovych; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Pshyk, A. Article 2010880368 -2132206716
2023 Corrosion-Resistant Epoxy Coatings Filled with Nanoparticles of Vegetable Origin to Protect Water Vehicles Sapronov, O.O.; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Vorobiov, P.O.; Sharanov, V.D.; Karpash, M.O.; Bishchak, R.T.; Hrebenyk, Liudmyla Ivanivna Article 1101 1922
2018 Design and Fabrication of Polymer-Ceramic Nanocomposites Materials for Bone Tissue Engineering Sukhodub, Leonid Fedorovych; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych Article 1460553138 1692982217
2020 Enhancing Efficiency by Implementation of Integrated Management System in Order to Align Organisational Culture and Daily Practice Zaloha, Viliam Oleksandrovych; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Rybalka, Iryna Mykolaivna; Pandova, I.; Zaborowski, T. Article 52647905 37316404
2024 The Increasing of Water Transport Resources under the Influence of a Thermal Field by the Usage of Modified Epoxy Nanomaterials Buketov, A.V.; Kulinich, A.G.; Husiev, V.M.; Kulinich, S.O.; Kulinich, V.V.; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Hrebenyk, Liudmyla Ivanivna Article 10 1
2021 Increasing of wear resistance of linear block-polyurethanes by thermal processing methods Panda, A.; Anisimov, V.M.; Anisimov, V.V.; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Pandova, I. Article 2301328 3092978
2021 Influence of non-metallic inclusions on the corrosion resistance of stainless steels in arc surfacing Pandova, I.; Makarenko, V.; Mitrofanov, P.; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Hrebenyk, Liudmyla Ivanivna Article 5990668 4112325
2021 Influence of technological manufacturing conditions on the porosity of calcium-phosphate scaffolds Chernobrovchenko, V.S.; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Balynskyi, M.; Panda A., A. Article -152060200 -381001207
2021 Investigation of the blockchain structure for hydroxyapatite-based scaffolds Чернобровченко, Вадим Сергійович; Чернобровченко, Вадим Сергеевич; Chernobrovchenko, Vadym Serhiiovych; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Panda, A. Article -14817148 792733979
2021 Modeling of the manufacturing systems state in the conditions of the lean production Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Hrebeniuk, Larysa Fedorivna; Krenicky, T.; Zaborowski, T. Article -575670539 -1600555992
2024 Optimal management in the operation of complex technical systems Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Oborskyi, G.; Prokopovych, I.; Khamitov, V.; Holubiev, M. Article 634 478
2021 Qualimetric method of assessing risks of low quality products Trishch, R.; Nechuiviter, O.; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Vasilevskyi, O.; Tsykhanovska, I.; Yakovlev, M. Article 1179989286 -1529961898
2014 Research of the structure and properties of antifriction composites with modified polytetrafluoroethylene matrix Hovorun, Tetiana Pavlivna; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Berladir, K.V.; Vyshehorodtseva, M.E.; Ustimenko, M.S. Article 1514124694 -915878552
2020 Standardization Issues of Test Methods for Engineering Nanomaterials Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Ivakhniuk, Tetiana Vasylivna; Hrebenyk, Liudmyla Ivanivna; Ivakhniuk, Yurii Petrovych; Sukhodub, Leonid Fedorovych Article 1059737997 -1821188115
2016 The fundamental thermodynamic relation on contact surfaces of multicomponent nanocomposite coatings Voskoboynik, М.V.; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych Conference Papers 4036852 3342012
2021 Wear Resistance Improvement of Linear Block-Polyurethanes Under Conditions of Liquid Friction Panda, A.; Anisimov, V.M.; Anisimov, V.V.; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych Article 825373 950736
2018 Апатит-біополімерні матеріали та покриття для біомедицини Панченко, В.А.; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych Conference Papers 2275651 2910233
2017 Вакуумно-дугове модифікування поверхні різальних інструментів Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Воскобойник, М.В. Conference Papers 10015771 2868735
2010 Диагностика режущего инструмента в процессе фрезерования по акустическому сигналу Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Прокопенко, А.В. Conference Papers 93844442 95095358