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2017 A Processing in Memory Realization Using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata (QCA): Proposal and Implementation Chougule, P.P.; Sen, B.; Mukherjee, R.; Patil, P.S.; Kamat, R.K.; Dongale, T.D. Article 10381799 8134775
2017 Artificial Neural Network Modeling of NixMnxOx based Thermistor for Predicative Synthesis and Characterization Dongale, T.D.; Kharade, K.G.; Mullani, N.B.; Naik, G.M.; Kamat, R.K. Article -329714471 -1539750711
2019 DC, AC, and Transient Simulation Study of MEMS Cantilever Khot, S.S.; Patil, A.A.; Mokashi, V.N.; Waifalkar, P.P.; More, K.V.; Kamat, R.K.; Dongale, T.D. Article 294092730 412528178
2016 Numerical Investigation of Spatial Effects on the Silicon Solar Cell Nawale, A.B.; Kalal, R.A.; Chavan, A.R.; Dongale, T.D.; Kamat, R.K. Article 178626118 418900694
2015 Piecewise Linear and Nonlinear Window Functions for Modelling of Nanostructured Memristor Device Dongale, T.D.; Patil, P.J.; Patil, K.P.; Mullani, S.B.; More, K.V.; Delekar, S.D.; Gaikwad, P.K.; Kamat, R.K. Article 893172207 1135182400
2019 Shape Dependent Optical Properties of GaAs Quantum Dot: A Simulation Study Kadam, K.D.; Patil, S.L.; Patil, H.S.; Waifalkar, Р.Р.; More, K.V.; Kamat, R.K.; Dongale, T.D. Article 176086259 141561327
2019 Simulation Study of Field-effect Transistor Based Cylindrical Silicon Nanowire Biosensor: Effect of Length and Radius of the Nanowire Pawar, A.V.; Kanapally, S.S..; Chougule, A.P.; Waifalkar, P.P.; More, K.V.; Kamat, R.K.; Dongale, T.D. Article 468426239 487102066