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2020 Analysis of quarantine effectiveness in Ukraine Lobatiuk, M.; Dunaieva, Maryna Mykolaivna Conference Papers 48 47
2013 Conference presentation in the process of interlanguage communication Dunaieva, Maryna Mykolaivna Article 5856 2932
2007 Discovering the model of object recognition Dunaieva, Maryna Mykolaivna; Олешко, А. Conference Papers 11827 5663
2010 DNA'a prospect in nanotechnology Dunaieva, Maryna Mykolaivna; Velytchenko, A. Conference Papers 5030 4170
2020 How lack of love affects our body Tovchko, S.M.; Dunaieva, Maryna Mykolaivna Conference Papers 45 46
2020 The impact of chronic stress on human health Khoruzhii, V.V.; Dunaieva, Maryna Mykolaivna Conference Papers 41 41
2020 Modern look at atherosclerosis Yaremenko, B.; Dunaieva, Maryna Mykolaivna Conference Papers 26 27
2010 Nanosensors in modern medcine Dunaieva, Maryna Mykolaivna; Byeloshapka, I. Conference Papers 3751 6941
2017 Niche book bio-medical content, thematic priorities and social and communication practices Dunaieva, Maryna Mykolaivna; Sadovnycha, Nataliia Mykolaivna Conference Papers 251 223
2019 The long-term effect of the complex of heavy metal salts on the morphofunctional changes in the structural components of the intermediate lobe of the mature rat's pituitary gland-the female Romaniuk, Anatolii Mykolaiovych; Hryntsova, Nataliia Borysivna; Karpenko, Liudmyla Ivanivna; Kiptenko, Liudmyla Ivanivna; Ustianskii, Oleh Oleksiiovych; Dunaieva, Maryna Mykolaivna Article 367 316
2016 The Peculiarities of Creative Writing, Its Characteristics, Typical Difficulties and the Way to Overcome Them Dunaieva, Maryna Mykolaivna; Morozova, Iryna Anatoliivna Article 1193 2735
2020 Цитологія (атлас для самостійної роботи студентів) Hryntsova, Nataliia Borysivna; Kiptenko, Liudmyla Ivanivna; Dunaieva, Maryna Mykolaivna; Khomenko, Inna Viktorivna; Дмитрук, С.М. Schoolbook 379 374