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2015 Effect of a Temperature Mode of Radiation-thermal Sintering the Structure and Magnetic Properties of Mn-Zn-ferrites Kostishyn, V.G.; Komlev, A.S.; Korobeynikov, M.V.; Bryazgin, A.A.; Shvedunov, V.I.; Timofeev, A.V.; Mikhailenko, M.A. Article 23250 3104
2014 Effect of Bias Fields on off-Diagonal Magnetoimpedance (MI) Sensor Performance Yudanov, N.A.; Rudyonok, A.A.; Panina, L.V.; Kolesnikov, A.V.; Morchenko, A.T.; Kostishyn, V.G. Article 24988419 668
2013 High Sensitivity Magnetic Sensors Based on Off-diagonal Magnetoimpedance in Amorphous FeCoSiB Wires Yudanov, N.A.; Panina, L.V.; Morchenko, A.T.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Ryapolov, P.A. Article 13869 8135
2014 Influence of Magnetic Pulseprocessing on Oxide Materials Physics and Mechanical Properties Shipko, M.N.; Korovushkin, V.V.; Smagina, A.V.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Kozhitov, L.V. Article 49670986 25396365
2015 Influence of Modes Shredding of Source Components by Processes to Synthesis and Activity of Powder Sintering Hexaferrite Andreev, V.G.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Ursulyak, N.D.; Nalogin, A.G.; Kudashov, A.A. Article 18714 772
2016 Influence of Surfactants on the Activity Powders of Barium Hexaferrite, Prepared by Wet Grinding Andreev, V.G.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Nalogin, A.G.; Adamtsov, A.Yu.; Ryapolov, P.A. Article 29705 39317
2016 LTCC-technology for Producing Hexaferrites Chitanov, D.N.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Kozhitov, L.V.; Ryapolov, P.A.; Adamtsov, A.Yu. Article 309881 312519
2015 Magnetic Microstructure Aluminum-substituted Barium Hexaferrite for Microwave Devices mm-Wavelength Range Shipko, M.N.; Korovushkin, V.V.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Ursulyak, N.D.; Nalogin, A.G.; Savtchenko, E.S. Article 410498 257661
2016 Magnetic Properties and Local Parameters of Crystal Structure for BaFe[12]O[19] and SrFe[12]O[19] Hexagonal Ferrites Shipko, M.N.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Korovushkin, V.V.; Isaev, I.M.; Stepovich, M.A.; Tikhonov, A.I.; Savchenko, E.S. Article 96057 152262
2013 Magneto-Ellipsometry Investigations of Multilayer Nanofilms of Fe and Co Morchenko, A.T.; Panina, L.V.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Yudanov, N.A.; Kurochka, S.P.; Sergienko, A.A.; Piliposyan, R.D.; Krupa, N.N. Article 76148 49715
2015 Obtaining and Properties of Hexaferrite BaFe12O19 for High-coercivity Permanent Magnets and Substrates Microstrip Microwave Devices of mm-Range Kostishyn, V.G.; Korovushkin, V.V.; Chitanov, D.N.; Korolev, Yu.M. Article 4373 519
2016 Obtaining Hexagonal Ferrites for Substrates Microstrip Microwave Devices of mm-Range of LTCC-technology Chitanov, D.N.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Kozhitov, L.V.; Adamtsov, A.Yu. Article 1020696 1023651
2015 Obtaining of Nanostructured Powders of Barium and Strontium Hexaferrite by the Polymer Precursor Method Kostishyn, V.G.; Timofeev, A.V.; Chitanov, D.N. Article 16618 14455
2014 On Influence of Magnetic Fields and Excitation Conditions on the Magnetization Distribution in Microwire Magnetoimpedance Element Morchenko, A.T.; Panina, L.V.; Kostishyn, V.G. Article 99007666 62027270
2014 On Properties of Magneto-dielectric Composites in the Effective Medium Approximation Morchenko, A.T.; Panina, L.V.; Podgornaya, S.V.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Ryapolov, P.A. Article 54559770 1372
2015 The Physical Model of Formation of Hexagonal Ferrites BaFe12O19 Shipko, M.N.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Chitanov, D.N. Article 57775 2224