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2020 About wear resistance of linear block-polyurethanes Anisimov, V.M.; Anisimov, V.V.; Panda, A.; Pandova, I.; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych Article 8032 8466
2020 Application of Cardio-Forecasting for Evaluation of Human—Operator Performance Panda, A.; Nahornyi, Volodymyr Viacheslavovych; Valícek, J.; Harnicarova, M.; Pandova, I.; Borzan, C.; Cehelsky, S.; Androvic, L.; Tozan, H.; Kusnerova, M. Article 504 518
2020 Enhancing Efficiency by Implementation of Integrated Management System in Order to Align Organisational Culture and Daily Practice Zaloha, Viliam Oleksandrovych; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Rybalka, Iryna Mykolaivna; Pandova, I.; Zaborowski, T. Article 4500 4563
2021 Forecasting an vibration by monitoring the dynamics of changes its precursors of various physical nature Nahornyi, Volodymyr Viacheslavovych; Panda, A.; Straser, V.; Pandova, I. Article 997 1256
2021 Increasing of wear resistance of linear block-polyurethanes by thermal processing methods Panda, A.; Anisimov, V.M.; Anisimov, V.V.; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Pandova, I. Article 2030 859
2021 Influence of non-metallic inclusions on the corrosion resistance of stainless steels in arc surfacing Pandova, I.; Makarenko, V.; Mitrofanov, P.; Diadiura, Kostiantyn Oleksandrovych; Hrebenyk, Liudmyla Ivanivna Article 2644 2213
2022 Method of Using the Correlation between the Surface Roughness of Metallic Materials and the Sound Generated during the Controlled Machining Process Nahornyi, Volodymyr Viacheslavovych; Panda, A.; Valicek, J.; Harnicarova, M.; Kusnerova, M.; Pandova, I.; Legutko, S.; Palkova, Z.; Lukac, O. Article 437 438
2020 Possibility and measurement of earthquake prediction based on trend study of total electron content (tec) of earth's Ionosphere Nahornyi, Volodymyr Viacheslavovych; Panda, A.; Pandova, I. Article 1811 1904
2021 Research of Microstructure of Molybden Doped Weldings of Oil and Gas Pipelines Pandova, I.; Rimar, M.; Makarenko, V.; Vinnikov, Y.; Mangura, A.; Zaborowski, T.; Aloshyn, Valentyn Serhiiovych Article 924 925
2021 Vibration forecasting by the results of synchronous control of water level changes in several observing wells Panda, A.; Nahornyi, Volodymyr Viacheslavovych; Pigulevsky, P.; Pandova, I. Article 3563 3920