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2015The development of the veteran badmintonHladchenko, Oksana Robertivna; Yarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Siryk, Antonina YevhenivnaTheses5539
2015Methodological approaches to the evaluation of the Ukrainian regions potentialHladchenko, Oksana Robertivna; Yarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Pasko, D.O.Theses2429
2015English for Students of EconomicsDiadechko, Alla Mykolaivna; Yarmak, Liubov PavlivnaSchoolbook5678
2015Methodological approaches to the evaluation of the ukrainian regions potentialPasko, D.O.; Hladchenko, Oksana Robertivna; Yarmak, Liubov PavlivnaTheses1612
2015From the history of testingYarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Hladchenko, Oksana RobertivnaTheses4133
2014Risk assessment of non-carcinogenic effects of ambient air pollution in Donetsk regionHladchenko, Oksana Robertivna; Yarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Kaminskaya, J.O.Theses1767
2014Test classificationYarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Hladchenko, Oksana RobertivnaTheses10767
2013Environmental and economic problems of the production of granite in UkraineHladchenko, Oksana Robertivna; Yarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Kozina, M.O.Theses3842
2012Perculiarities of supply in the marketHladchenko, Oksana Robertivna; Yarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Yatsenko, N.Theses193283
2012Motivation as a function of managementHladchenko, Oksana Robertivna; Yarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Кулик, Людмила Анатоліївна; Кулик, Людмила Анатольевна; Kulyk, Ludmila AnatolievnaTheses204187
2011How to test student's vocabularyHladchenko, Oksana Robertivna; Yarmak, Liubov PavlivnaTheses195877
2011The intensification of sewage treatment by electromagnetic fieldYarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Ivashyna, V.Theses172241
2011Biogas production by treating sludge in a wastewater treatment plantDiadechko, Alla Mykolaivna; Yarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Bataltsev, E.V.Theses283412
2011The purification of gases using high-speed vortical flowsYarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Korobchenko, K.Theses163125
2011Структура англомовної презентаціїHladchenko, Oksana Robertivna; Yarmak, Liubov PavlivnaArticle2081186
2010Vibrating hydraulic driveDubinskyi, Volodymyr Volodymyrovych; Chuiko, V.P.; Plyhyn, A.A.; Yarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Kulinich, Serhii PavlovychTheses188113
2010Utilisation and resycling of phosphogypsum wastesYarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Ableyev, A.G.Theses233124
2010Treatment of granular phosphate with a multi-stagefluid-bed coolerYarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Shandyba, N.O.Theses165134
2009GreenpeaceYarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Matyushenko, I.Theses158147
2009The importance of testingYarmak, Liubov PavlivnaTheses148102