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2014 About system-parametric formalization of economic and ecological processes Stepanova, K.; Stepanov, V. Conference Papers 1302 755
2014 Analysis of environmental coverage in addis zemen amharic daily newspaper Yirgalem, Abebe Conference Papers 504 744
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2014 Corporate environmental responsibility as a new concept towards sustainable development Kostiuchenko, Nadiia Mykolaivna; Smolennikov, Denys Olehovych Conference Papers 449 787
2019 Coverage of Environmental Issues in Local Dailies of Chattogram Centering World Environment Day Hasan, S.; Dutta, P. Article 49 47
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2014 Ecological training by economic means on the history lessons Balandyuk, R. Conference Papers 447 271
2013 Economics for Ecology in conditions increasing global instability Matsenko, Oleksandr Mykhailovych; Honcharenko, І. Conference Papers 244 108
2016 Environmental problem as the component of irrational functioning of the global economy Demianchuk, O.; Monastyretska, K. Conference Papers 24 48
2009 Global ecological problems in Ukraine Shevtsov, Serhii Valeriiovych Conference Papers 28759 39243
2011 Great efforts of World Health Organization in solving ecological problems Horobchenko, Nelia Heorhiivna; Prasol, D.A. Conference Papers 1584 985
2015 Some aspects of environmental situation in Sumy city Maiboroda, Tetiana Mykolaivna; Krasnobaieva, A. Conference Papers 75 147
2014 Sustainable development in Zambia: experiences and ways forward Chisakula, A. Conference Papers 126 70
2014 The evolution of environmental auditing in Ukraine Ruban, A. Conference Papers 165 273
2014 The role of ecosystem services in providing sustainable development Melnyk, Leonid Hryhorovych; Dehtyarova, Iryna Borysivna; Dehtiarova, Iryna Borysivna; Romanchenko, Y. Conference Papers 306 70
2013 Urban environmental problems (Nigeria) Ebiziem, V. Conference Papers 2204 2766
2006 Аналіз готовності споживачів до сплати цінової надбавки за екологічність товарів різного типу Prokopenko, Olha Volodymyrivna; Алексеєнко, О.Д. Article 4705 2343
2012 Аналіз екологічного стану Житомирської області Opanasiuk, Yuliia Anatoliivna; Шкурат, М.С. Conference Papers 1225 1776
2008 Влияние экологической эффективности и основных факторов производства на экологический ущерб Horobchenko, Denys Volodymyrovych Article 1051 722