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2021 Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture, a Case Study of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan Bhandari, M.P. Article 1309680748 -380138426
2018 Corporate Governance and profitability: Evidence from Indian IT companies Prusty, T.; Waleed, M. Al-ahdal Article 483850 588887
2019 Cultural background of India Vishad, Patel; Parth, Padmani Conference Papers 1083 105
2019 Cultural festivals of India Manasa, Kallyarath Madhooj; Anagha, Sunil Conference Papers 53504 6405
2019 Customer Behaviour-Online Travel Industry in India Arora, S. Article -1845467851 1865019622
2019 How To Do India Is An Enigma: A In-Depth Look Into Indian Workers, Consumers And Its Business Culture. Srivastava, R.V. Article 2446257 1614037
2019 Indian culture Babu, A. Conference Papers 381 188
2019 Indian traditional clothing Raifa, F.; Joy, A.-M. Conference Papers -2073438049 -1128476629
2021 Procuring Covid-19 Vaccine and the Contemporary Geopolitical Paradigm for Bangladesh Ahmed, K.M.F. Article 9713 10461
2016 Renewable energy in India Mahapatro, G. Conference Papers 2821476 698359
2020 SARS‑CoV‑2 pandemic in India: what might we expect? Gautam, S.; Hens, L. Article 407 545
2019 Study of Linkages Between Outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) and Domestic Economic Growth: an Indian Perspective Agnihotri, An.; Arora, Sh. Article -334740183 -876986796
2019 Unique food traditions in India and Ukraine Akash, Udayakumar; Skaria, Skaria; Muttathara, Akhilesan Adithyan Conference Papers 105384 43958