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2012 Influence of Deuterium Ion Implantation on the Structure and Hardness of Nanocrystalline Films Kuprin, A.S.; Tolmachova, G.N.; Belous, V.A.; Lomino, N.S.; Ovcharenko, V.D.; Reshetnyak, E.N.; Morozov, O.M.; Zhurba, V.I. Conference Papers 78993 1172
2013 Optimization of Technology for Production of Bimetallic Compounds by High-current Relativistic Electron Beam Hardfacing of Nanostructured Coatings Bazaleev, M.I.; Donets, S.E.; Lytvynenko, V.V.; Klepikov, V.F.; Lonin, Yu.F.; Ponomarev, А.G.; Uvarov, V.V.; Uvarov, V.T. Conference Papers 9708 1569
2013 Properties of Coatings Deposited from Filtered Vacuum Arc Plasma with HEA Cathode Belous, V.A.; Firstov, S.A.; Gorban, V.F.; Kuprin, A.S.; Ovcharenko, V.D.; Reshetnyak, E.N.; Tolmachova, G.N.; Kholomeev, M.G. Conference Papers 53442 1952
2014 Study of elemental and structural phase composition of multilayer nanostructured TiN / MoN coatings, their physical and mechanical properties Postolnyi, Bohdan Oleksandrovych; Konarski, P.; Komarov, F.F.; Sobol’, O.V.; Kyrychenko, O.V.; Shevchuk, D.S. Article 288150 198241
2016 Формирование наноструктурного покрытия на основе матрицы аморфного углерода и нанокристаллитов серебра Колпаков, А.Я.; Колесников, Д.А.; Поплавский, А.И.; Манохин, С.С.; Галкина, М.Е.; Гончаров, И.Ю.; Герус, Ж.В.; Турбин, П.В.; Маликов, Л.В. Article 22497 5741