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2013 Characterization of Coated Fe-Doped Zinc Oxide Nanostructures Benhaliliba, M.; Ocak, Y.S.; Tab, A. Article 387600 210783
2013 Debye Limiting Law Violation in Clusters and Nanostructures Kuznetsov, V.M.; Tereshkina, K.B. Conference Papers 61348 2734
2017 Density Functional Study on Structural Stability and Electronic Properties of Neutral, Anionic and Cationic MgSe Nanostructures Nagarajan, V.; Chandiramouli, R. Article 13181 19150
2014 Energy Conversion of an Environmental Thermal (T~300K) Energy into Electrical Energy by Nanoscale Field Emission Systems Ptitsin, V.E. Article 28113 1704
2017 Exploring the Structural Stability and Electronic Properties of VS2 Nanostructures – a DFT Study Kishore, N.; Nagarajan, V.; Chandiramouli, R. Article 257624 32427
2015 Facile Surfactant-Free Preparation, Characterization and Investigation of Optical Properties of Zirconia Nanostructures Salavati-Niasari, M.; Zinatloo-Ajabshir, S. Conference Papers 40901 42064
2016 Formation of copper porous structures under near-equilibrium chemical vapor deposition Korniushchenko, Hanna Serhiivna; Natalich, V.V.; Perekrestov, Viacheslav Ivanovych Article 291208 292884
2014 Fractal Continual Model of Matter for Classification of Nanostructures, Clusters and Massive Bodies Kuznetsov, O.Y.; Tereshkina, K.B. Article 49380 4692
2014 Hydrogen Gas Response of Zn1 – xAgxOy and Cu1 – xZnxOy Nanostructured Films Cretu, V.; Postica, V.; Ababii, N.; Sontea, V.; Lupan, O. Article 520803 524123
2014 Investigation of presence different surfactant on morphologies of PbTe nanostructures Salavati-Niasari, M.; Gholamrezaei, S. Article 51554 62364
2015 Laser-Induced Light Absorption in 2D Silver Nanoparticle Array Yeshchenko, O.A.; Bondarchuk, I.S.; Malynych, S.Z.; Chumanov, G.; Luzinov, I. Conference Papers 39131 21442
2013 Magnetooptics in Gold and Silver NanoSizes Low-Dimensional Objects Sokolov, A.E.; Zabluda, V.N.; Ovchinnikov, S.G.; Knyazev, B.A.; Gerasimov, V.V.; Michlin, Yu.L.; Veshnyakova, E.A.; Zubavichus, Y.V.; Kalsin, A.M. Conference Papers 57403 9005
2012 Method and Experimental Setup for the Study of the Local Current Distribution in Conducting Micro-and Nanostructures Pokrovskiy, S.; Rudnev, I.; Podlivaev, A.; Osipov, M. Conference Papers 21727 2482
2012 Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials for New and Sustainable Energy Engineering Ganguly, S.; Banerjee, D.; Kargupta, K. Conference Papers 58049 80338
2014 New Approach to the Thermal-to-Electrical Energy Conversion Problem on a Basis of the Thermal Field Emission Phenomenon Ptitsin, V.E. Article 29406 17677
2012 New Fluorescent Nanomaterial Based on Silver Atoms and Organic Dye for Biosensing and Bioimaging Applications Kanyuk, M.I. Conference Papers 44215 1763
2012 New Thermal Field Electron Emission Energy Conversion Method Ptitsin, V.E. Conference Papers 38388 12752
2014 Optical Properties of Multilayered Metal–Dielectric Structures Containing Silver Nanoparticles Yeshchenko, O.A.; Bondarchuk, I.S; Malynych, S.Z.; Galabura, Yu.; Chumanov, G.; Luzinov, I. Article 58332 5647
2012 Preparation of Au Nanostructure Arrays for Fluorometry and Biosensors Applications Chegel, V.I.; Lopatynskyi, A.M.; Lytvyn, V.K.; Nazarenko, V.I.; Guo, J.L.; Lucas, B.D. Conference Papers 33540 2048
2012 Preparation of Pure DyBa2Cu3O7-X Nanocluster Superconductors using Biopolymer Chitosan Alikhanzadeh, A.S.; Azimzadeh, A.M. Conference Papers 7740 1898