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2012 Composite Material for Supercapacitors Formed by Polymerization of Aniline in the Presence of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Shulga, Yu.M.; Michtchenko, A.; Baskakov, S.A.; Abalyaeva, V.V.; Efimov, O.N.; Shulga, N.Y.; Cabanas-Moreno, J.G.; Lartundo-Rojas, L.; Moreno-Rojas, L.A. Conference Papers 1951566341 -1075604835
2016 Facile Rapid Synthesis of Polyaniline (PANI) Nanofibers Bhagwat, Ashok D.; Sawant, Sachin S.; Mahajan, Chandrashekhar M. Article -693581256 -1518245510
2014 Influence of Electroconductive Additives in the Positive Electrode Material on Morphology, Structure and Characteristics of the Lead-acid Batteries Kuzmenko, A.P.; Grechushnikov, E.A.; Kharseev, V.A.; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article 1935903623 -1938353102
2012 Nanostructures of Polyaniline with Organic and Inorganic Dopants for Sensing of Ammonia Kargupta, K.; Banerjee, D.; Chatterjee, K.; Ganguly, S. Conference Papers 24752984 8874988
2013 Supercapacitors Based on Composite Polyaniline / Reduced Graphene Oxide with Network Nanocomposite Polymer Electrolyte Yarmolenko, O.V.; Baskakov, S.A.; Shulga, Y.M.; Vengrus, P.I.; Efimov, O.N. Conference Papers 8535563 9527945
2013 Synthesis of Nano-Structured Polyaniline by Direct Emulsion Polymerization Haghanifar, M.H.; Pishvaei, M.; Pourmahdian, S.; Pakdel, A.S. Conference Papers 3495067 8040253
2012 The Flower-Like Hierarchical Architectures Assembled from Aniline Oligomers Zhao, Y.; Tomsik, E.; Trchova, M.; Stejskal, J. Conference Papers 4194635 2882583
2012 The Formation of Oligoaniline Microspheres in Alkaline Media Trchova, M.; Moravkova, Z.; Tomsík, E.; Stejskal, J. Conference Papers 822402 565186
2013 The Synthesis and Characterization of Polyaniline Nanorod: by the Method of Ethanol Solution Polymerization Wang, J.; Zhang, S.Ch. Conference Papers 1474812 2949717