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2015 Grazing-incidence Small-angle X-ray Scattering Technique for Probing Nanostructures and Processes at Nanoscale Jergel, M.; Šiffalovič, P.; Végsö, K.; Majková, E.; Roth, S.V.; Konovalov, O.; Lee, H.Y. Conference Papers 263749 280910
2014 Kinetics of the Active Nanoparticles Yushchenko, Olha Volodymyrivna; Badalyan, A.Yu. Article 63117 49288
2012 Magnetic Behavior of Co/Pt and TbCo Nanocaps Assembly for Bit Pattern Media Hauet, T.; Sediri, A.; Piraux, L.; Antohe, V.A.; Abreu Araujo, F.; Hehn, M.; Lacour, D.; Mangin, S. Conference Papers 74411 8749
2013 Morphology of Silver Nanoparticles in the Graft Copolymer Matrices Fedorchuk, S.V.; Zheltonozhskaya, T.B.; Gomza, Y.P.; Nessin, S.D.; Klymchuk, D.O. Conference Papers 16001 963
2011 Self-Assembly of Low-Dimensional 3D Titanium Systems During Quasi-Equilibrium Steady-State Condensation Kosminska, Yuliia Oleksandrivna; Perekrestov, Viacheslav Ivanovych; Mokrenko, Oleksandr Anatoliiovych Article 365279 58394
2012 Syntheses of Silver Nanoparticles in the Matrices of Block Copolymers in Aqueous Solutions Fedorchuk, S.V.; Kunitskaya, L.; Zheltonozhskaya, T.; Gomza, Yu.; Nessin, S. Conference Papers 20388 524
2012 The Flower-Like Hierarchical Architectures Assembled from Aniline Oligomers Zhao, Y.; Tomsik, E.; Trchova, M.; Stejskal, J. Conference Papers 6831 1140
2013 Thickness Dependent Growth of Epitaxial Iron Silicide Nanoobjects on Si (001) Molnar, G.; Dozsa, L.; Vertesy, Z.; Horvath, Z.J. Conference Papers 18160184 2913
2013 Why to Use Self Assembled Metallic Nanoparticles Template for Metal Electrodeposition: Metallic Nanostructures with Controlled Morphologies and Adjustable Wetting Properties Taleb, A.; Yanpeng, X. Conference Papers 10740 648