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2018 Anti-crisis financial management on energy enterprises as a precondition of innovative conversion of the energy industry: case of Ukraine Masharsky, A.; Azarenkova, G.; Oryekhova, K.; Yavorsky, S. Article 520 458
2010 Anti-Crisis paradigms of corporate governance in banks: a new institutional outlook Kostiuk, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych; Fumiko T., ; Hosono K., Book 826 736
2009 Causes for the spread of the global financial crisis and tools for fighting it - Differences and similarities between Eastern and Western countries Келер, Е.; Діц, Т.; Процик, Т.В. Conference Papers 210 121
2011 Corporate governance regulation in banks in the context of crisis: the role of the National bank of Ukraine Mozghovyi, Yaroslav Ivanovych; Kondrunina, Kateryna Yuriivna; Ratnykova, Iu.; Skidan, D. D. Article 2231 2059
2011 Corporate governance: an international outlook Kostiuk, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych; Apreda, R.; Gerner-Beuerle, C. Book 731 657
2019 Crisis management in companies Mustafa, A. Masters thesis 4 0
2012 Directors’ remuneration and corporate social responsibility: post crisis horizons Mozghovyi, Yaroslav Ivanovych Conference Papers 466 411
2012 «Ethical and Confessional Banking: World Experience and Perspectives of Development Lukin, Dmytro Anatoliiovych; Мазило, Т.В. Article 350 411
2013 Features of Exchange Rate Regulation During the Currency and Financial Crises (Case of Ukraine) Zhuravka, Fedir Oleksandrovych; Plastun, V.L. Article 567 359
2012 Financial components of corporate governance during the crisis Bilashenko, O.S. Conference Papers 170 111
2015 Genesis of enterprise financial security Davydenko, N.M. Article 616 569
2010 Key issues of British reforms of corporate governance in financial crisis: the board issue Oleshchuk, M. G.; Ruban, O. A.; Kostiuk, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Article 403 370
2014 Lessons from the crisis for systemic banks and central banks Pichet, E. Article 106 72
2014 Principles And Rules Of Financial Planning In Banks Іn The Crisis Krukhmal, Olena Valentynivna; Kryklii, Olena Anatoliivna; Pavlenkо, L. Article 165 140
2009 Problems of bank performance evaluation in conditions of the crisis Buriak, Anna Volodymyrivna Conference Papers 414 399
2009 Similar but different? The financial crisis in matured Western and emerging Eastern European countries Dietz, T.; Protsyk, T.; Keller E., Article 230 210
2011 Strategic approach to sale human resources management of Ukrainian commercial bank in conditions of crisis Мазило, Т.В.; Lukin, Dmytro Anatoliiovych Article 436 385
2011 Адаптація системи раннього попередження валютної кризи у країнах з перехідною економікою Хом'як, В.Р. Conference Papers 160 100
2015 Адаптація українського законодавства до світових тенденцій регулювання банкрутства Шварц, І.В.; Безсмертна, О.В.; Тарасюк, Н.М. Article 1023 981
2012 Анализ этико-конфессиональных форм банковского бизнеса Мазило, Т.В.; Лукін, Д.А. Article 134 114