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2013 An investigation of the quality of financial market regulation of Ukraine Isaieva, Olena Volodymyrivna Article 962666 47737
2021 Analysis Of Key Indicators Of The Insurance Market Of Western Europe Sidelnyk, N. Article -228078765 874622546
2014 Cистема індикаторів, що характеризують інфраструктуру фінансового ринку Rekunenko, Ihor Ivanovych Book chapter 898165 793871
2014 Determinants of government bond spreads in Ukraine and new EU members Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych; Isaieva, Olena Volodymyrivna Article 12859642 5962050
2020 Development and organization of derivatives functioning in the financial market of Ukraine Lysenko, D.; Troian, Mariia Yuriivna Conference Papers 64537513 2
2017 Digital currencies and technologies of distributed ledgers Krivodub, A.G. Conference Papers 428178 323925
2020 The distinctive aspects of financial markets Savchenko, Taras Hryhorovych; Wieland, I.; Kovács, L. Article 54209 220279
2019 Evaluating the relationship between financial sustainability and socio-economic development of countries Kremen, Viktoriia Mykhailivna; Shkolnyk, Inna Oleksandrivna; Semenoh, Andrii Yuriiovych; Kremen, Olha Ivanivna Article 853969810 321701475
2013 Force-Majeure Events And Financial Market’s Behavior Plastun, V.; Plastun, Oleksii Leonidovych Article 1786641 418775
2018 Geometric modelling of portfolio and risk in market equilibrium Hasan-Zaden, A. Article 570544 486094
2012 Impact of infrastructure on the stability of the financial market Rekunenko, Ihor Ivanovych Conference Papers 331919 559327
2016 Inflation targeting as an effective method of ensuring price stability Verbytska, A. Conference Papers 384775 229399
2012 Investigation of integration prerequisites and results of banks insurance companies in Ukraine Bashlai, S.V. Article 444147 416229
2012 Miraculous financial engineering or toxic finance? The genesis of the U.S. subprime mortgage loans crisis and its consequences on the global financial markets and real economy Pezzuto, I. Conference Papers 773861 1291788
2019 Modeling of structural and temporal characteristics in the corporate securities market of Ukraine Rekunenko, Ihor Ivanovych; Кужелєв, М.О.; Болдова, А.А.; Житар, М.О.; Стабіас, С.М. Article 9028 14401
2021 Modeling of the financial system’s stability on the example of Ukraine Shkolnyk, Inna Oleksandrivna; Kozmenko, Serhii Mykolaiovych; Kozmenko, O.; Orlov, V.; Shukairi, F. Article 822376 499884
2014 Modern development trends of non-banking financial institutions in Ukraine Kryvych, Yana Mykolaivna; Malysh, H.A. Article 2325367 3944555
2020 Optimization of the system and mechanism of regulation of financial monitoring of insurance companies Kuzmenko, Olha Vitaliivna; Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Гарбар, Я.; Kwilinski, Aleksy; Радько, В. Conference Papers 2169518 644519
2020 Problems of measuring country's financial security Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Jurgilewicz, O.; Poliakh, S.; Tvaronavičienė, M.; Hydzik, P. Article 351252 302334
2014 Proposals on development strategy of the financial market infrastructure in Ukraine Rekunenko, Ihor Ivanovych; Riabichenko, D. Article 132260216 101164496