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2021 3D FDM Printable Polymer Composites and Polymer Nanocomposites: State of the Art Akash, Ahlawat; Ravinder, Kumar Sahde; Gupta, R.K.; Deepak, Chhabra Article 2115384522 409513763
2020 Analytical Study of Graphene as a Novel Piezoresistive Material for MEMS Pressure Sensor Application Samridhi, ; Sharma, Mayuri; Singh, Kulwant; Kumar, Shalendra; Alvi, P.A. Article -573338414 87752413
2022 Atomistic modeling of formation and friction of materials with nanodimensional surfaces Khomenko, Oleksii Vitaliiovych; Zakharov, Myroslav Vladyslavovych; Zakharov, Myroslav Vladyslavovych; Gorpinchenko, M.O. Article 2746043 4064374
2013 Atomistic modeling of friction of Cu and Au nanoparticles adsorbed on graphene Khomenko, Oleksii Vitaliiovych; Проданов, Микола Вікторович; Проданов, Николай Викторович; Prodanov, Mykola Viktorovich; Перссон, Б.Н.Й.; Перссон, Б.Н.Й.; Persson, B.N.J. Article -193958358 1979079501
2021 Atomistic modelling of frictional anisotropy of palladium nanoparticles on graphene Khomenko, Oleksii Vitaliiovych; Zakharov, Myroslav Vladyslavovych; Zakharov, Myroslav Vladyslavovych Article 692286575 1046650821
2011 Comparative study of polymer and semiconductor for fractional quantum hall effect Sahu, Jyoti; Upadhyay, G.K. Article 1351637140 1583283961
2010 Computational investigation of the temperature influence on the cleavage of a graphite surface Khomenko, Oleksii Vitaliiovych; Prodanov, N.V. Article -1489660459 1727097759
2022 Computer Modelling of Metal Nanoparticles Adsorbed on Graphene Khomenko, Oleksii Vitaliiovych; Biesiedina, Antonina Anatoliivna; Khomenko, Kateryna Pavlivna; Chernushchenko, R.R. Article 1090958 1102390
2021 Computer Simulation of Adsorption of Fullerene on Graphene Ulukmuradov, A.; Yadgarov, I.; Stelmakh, V.; Umarov, F. Article 513105003 688953975
2020 Direct Synthesis of Graphene from a Recycled Battery Core by Solution Plasma Exfoliation and its Application for Removing Methylene Blue and Rhodamine B from Aqueous Solutions Hao, N.V.; Tung, D.H.; Khien, N.V.; Anh, N.N.; Tu, N.V.; Trinh, P.V. Article 917642191 -1401866876
2019 Effect of Graphene Nanoplatelet Concentration on the Thermal Conductivity of Silicone Thermal Grease Phuong, M.T.; Trinh, P.V.; Tuyen, N.V.; Dinh, N.N.; Minh, P.N.; Dung, N.D.; Thang, B.H. Article -1756323077 -567324502
2023 Experimental Investigations on Copper-Based Nanoparticles for Energy Storage Applications Korde, S.K.; Rakshe, D.S.; William, P.; Jawale, M.A.; Pawar, A.B. Article 474439827 284726612
2021 Hydrogen Physisorption on BNC Heterostructures: A Systematic Theoretical Study Bogdanovich, D.V.; Tsar'kova, A.I.; Petrushenko, I.K. Article 2141104951 1762518922
2021 Investigation of Enhanced Electrochemical Properties of Graphene/Fe2O3 Nanocomposite More, P.D.; Dharkar, V.H.; Shirsath, A.R.; Tarwal, N.L.; Navale, Y.H.; Salunkhe, A.S.; Patil, V.B. Article 178528024 1236004603
2011 Mathematical simulation of graphene with modified c-c bond length and transfer energy Alvi, P.A.; Hashmi, S.Z.; Dalela, S.; Rahman, F. Article -163387989 -323922114
2022 Mechanisms of Current Generation in Graphene/p-CdTe Schottky Diodes Koziarskyi, I.P.; Ilashchuk, M.I.; Orletskyi, I.G.; Myroniuk, L.A.; Myroniuk, D.V.; Maistruk, E.V.; Koziarskyi, D.P.; Strelchuk, V.V. Article 5301079 12376386
2018 Modelling Graphene-based Transparent Electrodes for Si Solar Cells by Artificial Neural Networks Meziani, Z.; Dibi, Z. Article 738766 760165
2010 Molecular dynamics of graphene preparation by mechanical exfoliation of a graphite surface Khomenko, Oleksii Vitaliiovych; Prodanov, N.V. Article 327469218 815368550
2018 Physical Adsorption of N-containing Heterocycles on Hexagonal Boron Nitride: DFT-D3 Study Petrushenko, I.K. Article 168913961 287270192
2011 Position lifetime amd coincidence doppler broadening studies of graphene oxide - polyaniline nanocomposite Rana, Utpal; Chakrabarti, K.; Nambissan, P.M.G.; Malik, S. Conference Papers 1448038696 1191393708