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2022 Analysis of nanoparticles characteristics with TOPSIS for their manufacture optimization Javanbakht, T. Article 18720 8007
2022 Composition, Structure, and Properties of Ti, Al, Cr, N, C Multilayer Coatings on AISI W1-7 Alloyed Tool Steel Loskutova, T.; Hatala, M.; Pogrebova, I.; Nikitina, N.; Bobina, M.; Radchenko, S.; Kharchenko, Nadiia Anatoliivna; Kotlyar, S.; Pavlenko, Ivan Volodymyrovych; Ivanov, Vitalii Oleksandrovych Article 1618 1219
2022 Digital model and assembling of a lathe Besedin, M.; Popowska, M.; Ivanov, Vitalii Oleksandrovych; Trojanowska, J. Article 2012 716
2022 The Effect of Blade Angle Deviation on Mixed Inflow Turbine Performances Chelabi, M.A.; Saga, M.; Kuric, I.; Basova, Y.; Dobrotvorskiy, S.; Ivanov, Vitalii Oleksandrovych; Pavlenko, Ivan Volodymyrovych Article 7240 4684
2022 The efficiency of collaborative assembling cells Andrusyshyn, Vladyslav Kostiantynovych; Luscinski, S.; Ivanov, Vitalii Oleksandrovych; Pavlenko, Ivan Volodymyrovych Article 735 427
2022 Investigation on the rheological properties of polydimethylsiloxane Javanbakht, T. Article 528018028 37282071
2021 Marketing communications in the context of entrepreneurial activity: bibliometric analysis Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Nesterenko, Volodymyr Ivanovych; Khomenko, Liliia Mykolaivna; Kropyva, Viacheslav Viktorovych Article 48994 23814
2022 Method for an Effective Selection of Tools and Cutting Conditions during Precise Turning of Non-Alloy Quality Steel C45 Ivchenko, Oleksandr Volodymyrovych; Ivanov, Vitalii Oleksandrovych; Trojanowska, J.; Zhyhylii, Dmytro Oleksiiovych; Ciszak, O.; Zaloha, Olha Oleksandrivna; Pavlenko, Ivan Volodymyrovych; Hladyshev, Dmytro Pavlovych Article 12345 7238
2022 Using Regression Analysis for Automated Material Selection in Smart Manufacturing Pavlenko, Ivan Volodymyrovych; Pitel, J.; Ivanov, Vitalii Oleksandrovych; Berladir, Khrystyna Volodymyrivna; Mizakova, J.; Kolos, Vitalii Oleksandrovych​; Trojanowska, J. Article 36 35