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2014 3D printers in medicine Marchenko, V.U. Conference Papers 1991602 342690
2014 3D-друк в медицині Безверха, Т.М. Conference Papers 11256357 330078
2015 A revolution in medicine: 3-D printer Synyuka, V. Conference Papers 28895 7302
2017 Assessment of innovative activity of Kazakhstan healthcare organizations Shevyakova, A.; Sharip, B. Article 14660 10295
2016 Future of medicine Mischenko, Y. Conference Papers 94871 3055
2016 Hydraulics in medicine Lytvynenko, M. Conference Papers 48804 10313
2016 Innovation technologies in medicine: present situation and perspectives Pylypets, O. Conference Papers 21055 1448
2016 Innovations in medicine Skorobogatska, V. Conference Papers 29881 2055
2015 Innovations in medicine Boyko, A. Conference Papers 108361 15367
2016 Innovations in medicine and modern life Riabokon, D. Conference Papers 12559 983
2016 Innovations in medicine and modern life Teslenko, K. Conference Papers 25292 794
2020 Mechanism of state economic security management in the direction of intellectual property rights protection: cases of selected industries Baranov, A.; Kucher, V.; Ustymenko, O.; Utkina, Maryna Serhiivna; Hrybachova, Iryna Petrivna Article 8344 4231
2016 Medicine in Afganistan Nazbar, E. Conference Papers 36008 7522
2013 New technologies in medicine Prylutska, I.S. Conference Papers 1476718 525418
2015 Progress in new technologies in medicine Shkreben, A. Conference Papers 19075 380
2020 Recommendations for increasing the motivation of medical staff on the example of the regional clinical hospital Matlai, Olha Ivanivna; Grabowska, M.; Kolesnyk, D. Article 1229 1556
2014 Relationship between English and Latin language in medicine Pereshyvailo, O.I. Conference Papers 72250 6032
2014 Robots in medicine Gapon, V.I. Conference Papers 752416 113601
2013 Six big healthtech ideasthat will change medicine in 2013 Prylutska, I.S. Conference Papers 19082 1439
2021 Structural Modelling of the Relationship Between the Vulnerability of Ukrainian Regions to COVID-19, Environmental Status and Factors of Readiness of the Medical System Kashcha, Mariia Oleksiivna; Kuzmenko, Olha Vitaliivna; Марченко, Р.В. Article 1483421 518731